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Prednisone Medication: Day 6

It's already Day 6 of my medication and I can already say that my medication is a failure. My flare-up got worse than before, My arms and fingers are also infected with eczema. I think its time to go to the derma, there is no choice left. I tried all the necessary steps to end this flare-up but everything is not going as planned.

I'll make this post short, I am not on my best mood today. I'm being troubled by this problem. I wanted to say something positive but my head isn't jiving well. It is really true that health is wealth. People like me who suffers from eczema had loss much in their life. Instead of looking forward to other beautiful things this life has to offer, here I am stuck on this problem. Eczema is quite a big burden to carry.

I wish I was the same girl 2 years ago, a jobless fresh graduate student who is healthy and carefree rather than the girl I am today. A girl who easily get sick and always haunted by these skin problems. It's hard to live when you have to be always careful in what you eat or apply to your skin. Imagine I only spent 3 days in the wilderness of Anawangin Island and after that allergy immediately followed. To hell to those insects and to any of those creatures who did this to me.

It's really hard to keep my hopes up right now but what else can I do? Is there any choice? Rather than to continue crying in vain it's better to accept things as they are now. I have no control on this. I cannot bring back the time but hopefully I can bring back my skin as it was before. I know I can and  yes I will bring it back.

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May said...

I'm glad your are writing about eczema in a personal and medical way. I have a mild case that flares up mostly when I'm stressed and eat certain foods. I had a friend in high school that was more severe. Her arms would look like the skin of some one who's dead and I know she would be so embarrassed. Some one who suffers with this would benefit greatly from your blog.

Eleina Alberto said...

Thank you, this is really a nice comment. I hope your friend will be healed soon. I had this flare up for a month now and had been causing me a lot of stress.

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