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The curse of Anawangin

After the bus dropped us off Ayala, Mark, Panyet and I rode a taxi. In less than 30 minutes I'm already home. I fixed myself while Panyet unpacked our things from the bag.

I took a shower and then there it was. I didn't noticed it back in the island but under the light it's clearer. I have this many "pantal" (red spots) all over my legs. I didn't panicked that much. I experienced worse back when I had a flare up due to eczema and allergy.

On the second day, the "pantal" started to itch and sore. It's itchy but I tried to supress myself from scratching as this wounds might end up into another eczema flare-up.

I then found out that three others got the "pantal". Everyone made their own speculations as to why we got it since not everyone in the group experienced the "pantal". Some say it was due to insect bites, others say allergy to processed food as we are eating canned goods, noodles and instant food for almost 3 days, some say that we stepped on a "dwende" (small mystical creatures thought to have powers that can harm you if you hurt them), others blamed it to the small crabs and hermits that we hunted.

Two weeks past, the "pantal" are still there and itchier than ever. Since I had really been busy for the last weeks I hardly had time thinking about it but now that christmas vacation is almost near I started to pay attention to it and to the itching as well.

One month past, the "pantal" successfully turned into eczema. I don't want to go to the derma still. I'm afraid that I might be given again the Prednizone as my medicine. I really don't like to take any eczema/ allergy related medicines except for cetirizine since I have experienced various side effects while taking them. I'm relying on prayers for my cure.

  "Pantal" turned eczema.

Our Anawangin escapade is memorable both in good and bad ways. So if ever you and your friends decide to have some adventurous taste of Anawangin better ready yourselves. If your allergic, bring some strong insect repellant. Bring real foods that don't spoil quickly. As for the "dwende" try to always say "tabi-tabi po"  though it may sound crazy but it's better to take all necessary precautions. And for the hermits, it's better we leave the creatures to where they belong.

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