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Foodcart Franchising by TFD Good LIFE

Own a foodcart franchise for as low as 52, 500 pesos!
No royalty. No annual fee. No hidden charges.

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Filipina Maria Aragon wows Lady Gaga

Maria Aragon is the newest internet sensation after Lady Gaga herself tweeted all praises about Maria's version of "Born This Way" in YouTube.  After the tweet the video soars high to a million mark views.

Watch Maria's version of the song below.


Maria Aragon is a 10-year-old Fil-Canadian who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. Both of her parents are Filipinos but she was born in Canada.

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Britney Spears Official Hold It Against Me Music Video

Here is Britney's newest music video for her latest single Hold it Against Me of her upcoming album Femme Fatale. Watch it while it's hot!!! Enjoy!

My sister is a big fan of her, we grew up watching her since she debuted the hit "Baby Hit Me One More Time" and it's nice to see her back on stage again and performing her signature stuff. 

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I am MIA

I really feel sorry that I cannot update my blog everyday, I am officially missing in action. This week and even last week have really been a busy as a bee week for me. We are in the middle of the build phase and a lot of coding/ fixing/ investigation and researching is going on. Though I still stay up late at night but I am too tired to even composed a decent post. I avoid to write article out of rush. As much as possible I wanted it to be useful, expressive and/or informative to the readers.

I noticed that I tend to laugh more often this past few days maybe to laugh off the stress and pressures of everyday work. There were many road blocks that I encountered when I started writing my codes luckily I was able to resolve it this afternoon (Yehey!). Whew! Why didn't I just picked Tourism when I was in college?! now I have to deal with all the logical and analytical thinking. Did you know that thinking too much is way more stressful and tiring than physical fatigue.

I am really sooo tired right now so I'll just have to make this post this short :) I promise to make up on the coming weekend. God bless!

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Alphainventions is a Cheater

Have you used Alphainventions in your site? If yes, better do some testing on your Article links caused it might have been controlled by this cheater site. I'm not supposed to write any articles yet since I had been really busy this week but when I found out about the tactics of this cheater I can't help but to share as soon as I can this dreaded act. So Bloggers beware! About a week ago, I wrote this article about Alphainventions and how it helps a site create some traffic. A traffic that would reflect in your report or in analytics but not true visitors that will interact in your page. Read Generate traffic with Alphainventions to track back my whole story.

So as I was checking my blog, I noticed that I got some visitors who are checking out some of my past posts. So I clicked on one of links in the Archive section. After a while the page loaded, but no content found except for a single sentence or a title of an article and when you hover your mouse you will know that it is a link. I was confused, so I immediately checked the URL in the Address bar, the URL is correct. It is correctly pointing to my article but where is my content? I hover again on the link and I saw from the status bar of my browser that it is pointing to Alphainventions. I again went back to my homepage and tried again using the same article but the result is still the same. I tried my other links and all are not redirecting on my content but to this single Alphainventions link. I also noticed that the title of the link is of the same topic as of my article.

I then remembered that I hadn't removed yet the JavaScript code that I got from this site. So I hurriedly removed it and now my site is back to normal. Links are working fine now and I can see my content. I hate it that I only found this out later. So to everyone else who might thought Alphainventions offers a great bargain, better think again. Looks like the creator of this Alphainventions is one hell of a smart cheater guy who can manipulate our links to redirect into a frame without the address being changed. Frames work in such a way that the URL in your Address bar remains the same but the content you will see in the page is no longer the original content. It's a tactic to redirect users to his own site while the original owners of the article suffer.

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