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Three layered sandwich

I am about to sleep but my stomach holds me from doing so. I had been on an oatmeal and fruits diet for two days now (though still eating real foods in between). I as much as possible try not to intake food that may caused irritation to my skin and I am also avoiding harsh chemicals such as scented powder and hand alchohols. I skipped work today to focus on my medication, I thought that I I'll be all good after a day of medication but as I am seeing improvements on the wounds I also had this super duper itchy legs and arms, I am taking now a new antihistamine called Xyzal which should be stronger than Cetirizine but I am now confused why I am still itching. The wounds are slowly healing but because I can't help myself from scratching, the effects of the other meds are useless. Everytime I scratch, I feel like I am relieved of the hell that I am currently in but after the scratching my skin will feel really painful and weak and aggravated. That's the time that I started crying.

I cried cause I cannot take the itching much more of the scratching and the pain of my aggravated skin. I cried cause I know that the medication would be useless, I won't be healed as long as I don't stop the scratching but what can I do? I just found out that scratching is the worst way of testing your self control. Scratching can be compared from a sydrome wherein people both find pleasure and pain. Looks like my story is missing it's focus. I am supposed to tell the story about the three layered sandwich hehe! :)

And so back to the real topic, since I had been depriving myself to real foods, there will come a night wherein you cannot tell your stomach to shut up and just forget about the damn emptiness that's hovering inside me. This is the effect of Pred, I just took my dinner 3 hours ago and here I am starving to death like I am left at home with no food in 3 days. So I hurriedly go down stairs into our kitchen and made myself a three layered sandwich with cheese as the spread and also made coffee with the 3 in 1 coffee that one of my auntie brought from Taiwan. I toasted the bread and layered the cheese. I also boiled some water for the coffee.

Uhhmmm... In a really cold times such as tonight, it's nice to have some nice coffee over a toasted bread minus the freaking eczema. Oh! well! I hope this flare-up will end up soon so I can eat all the foods that I wanted. Boo! to scratching and to starvation!

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