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O Holy Sunday

I missed my blog! Was not able to post last day since my laptop was being Lapnapped ("kidnapping" of a laptop?? Making my own terms here, hehe!). My cousin borrowed my lappy last night which I thought would only take an hour or so that's why I agreed BUT it was already morning this day when he let go of my beloved computer. And I had no spare time to write one this morning since I am working on "something". A new project of mine that I wish to get launch within the month. I am making another blog which is entirely dedicated to Internet Marketing. I am really eyeing on this particular topic that I even created a new blog site that is entirely about ways of earning money through the internet. I had been blogging since 2009 and I had tried all sorts of things in the internet and I want to share those experiences and knowledge to others. I want to make this new blog a perfect place for blogging newbies or even to simple surfers for them to get a grab to the endless possibilities of earning money in the internet. And so back to the topic :)

Today is Sunday and Sunday means going to Church, singing and praising the name of our almighty God~ how I love our pastors, they are really good in delivering the message to us they do it in a really reaching and demonstrative manner. Our Pastors Jocel and Mylene are a married couple and they do their preaching in a supportive way. If P.Jocel is the speaker for the session, during the preach P. Mylene can inject some of her thoughts as well making the preaching more effective. Their preach today went really funny and touching. P. Jocel was talking about how God looks at us. He said that God always have a good opinion about us that even if we sin, he never take that sin against us. 

Did you know that whenever we sin, God never look at us as sinners anymore since Jesus Christ died on the cross 2000 years ago our sins committed in the past, committing in the present and to commit in the future are already PAID for and God sees us as the face of his Son Jesus Christ right there in the cross. That's why P. Mylene is pointing out that people who sin should immediately turn to God instead of running away from him. She said that people who falls short of the glory of God tends to assume that God is angry at them making them turn away to the Lord due to shame and feeling of unworthiness when in truth God had nothing against us. God is a loving God and we are like that son in the story of the "Prodigal Son". That no matter how he sinned his father upon seeing his return ran towards him embraced him and announced a feast for his return claiming "his son that was once dead was reborn". 

I love going to Church and hearing the good words of the Lord of how good and great our Lord is. Away to the pain, sickness, poverty, disasters, anxiety, envy. Lord is the God of good things and so I say I want MUCH MORE of you my Lord! I am expecting much more, I am expecting prosperity, good health, peace of mind, world peace, harmony and everything good in your name O Lord! my God! Amen.

Kindly read the article "The Power to Overcome Sins" written by our pastor, this is how I wanted to say my point. Find the article in http://www.newlifethefort.com/home.html. Thank you!

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