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How is UVB conducted?

UVB or Ultraviolet B (also known as ultraviolet light or midrange sunbeam) is a non-invasive way of making wounds, rashes and flare-ups dry up faster by exposing the skin to a high volume of light. This light are not the harmful UV ones, instead it uses the B type or medium wave UV. They say that a four minute session is equivalent to standing under the sun for 20 minutes of course during the time when the sun rays are not harmful, from 7-9AM.

UV light is found in sunlight and is emitted by electric arcs and specialized lights such as black lights. Most ultraviolet can be classified as non-ionizing radiation, and can cause chemical reactions, and many substances to glow or fluoresce under it. However, the higher energies of the ultraviolet spectrum from about 150 nm ('vacuum' band) are ionizing, but this type of ultraviolet is not very penetrating and is blocked by air.

Here's how it is done:

1. You will need a referral from you derma or doctor. The referral should indicate the amount of exposure as for me it's 500 mj.

2. Go to the Phototheraphy lab and show your referral.

3. They will assist you to the room where the UVB session is conducted. Inside the room is the actual machine. The machine is like a vertical chamber, it has atleast more than 20 pieces of long flourescent lamps. It have 2 buttons to step in at the bottom which say "Lamps" and "Fan". There is also a buzzer. The buzzer will be used to inform the medical personnel that you are ready since he had to turn the machine from the outside.

4. The personnel will ask you if it is your first time for the treatment so he can explain how it is done. If it's not your first time you can still tell him/her that you can't remember how it was done so they can repeat it all for you.

5. Listen to the instructions. The personnel will ask you where are the affected areas, since these affected areas are the one that needs to be exposed. If it's the whole body then you would have to remove your clothes but you can leave you undergarments on. You will not have to remove your clothes immediately as the medical personnel will still show you the other to dos.

6. Next, the medical personnel will give you a goggles with cotton to serve as a protection for your eyes since they will not be part of the treatment unless you want to get blind :)

7. He will then guide you to the chamber wherein he will show you to step on the "Fan" button and to press the buzzer once you're all ready.

8. After the demo, the medical personnel will step out of the room to give you the privacy to undress. Close the door first then undress yourself, leave your clothes inside the locker.

9. Unlock the door and immediately step in to the chamber. Close the chamber and step on the "Fan" button. Press the buzzer twice just to make sure he/she will hear you. Wear you goggles make sure it's securely put on.

10. The personnel will step in again to the room and will ask you if your already wearing your goggles. After making sure you have your goggles on, the medical personnel will start up the machine.

11. You will hear the loud sound coming from the fan, you will also observe some light that peeks at the corner of your eyes, you'll notice the heat encircling the chamber, and the electronic voice that tells you how many minutes left on the session. Mine lasted for 4 minutes. You will know if its over once the electronic voice tells you to step out of the chamber. Don't be afraid since you medical personnel will be inside the room thoughout the session. And he/she will also tells you if the session is over.

12. Once done, the medical personnel will again step out of the room. You will have to get dressed after. After effects are that your eyes are somehow blurry for a minute or so but it won't stay long.

13. Pay your bill and also ask for a Do's and Dont's after a UVB session checklist.

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