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The Fire, the Winner and the Bombers

Bad news is all over the country, another alarming event had put my beloved country on top of the international news today. A bombing incident inside a bus happened around 2 pm luckily I am all stuck up in office all day, it killed 2 people on the spot and another 2 out of the 15 wounded people were declared dead on arrival in the hospital. I really feel sorry for the families left by these people. These are innocent people who just happened to board on that misfortuned bus. I pity hate those heartless bombers, those criminals don't know God,  living a life of no conscience. Why do they have to drag along innocent people in their useless throw-away life? They are not making any clear statement here, killing others won't do anything to prove your beliefs and/or principles.

Just this morning while boarded in a taxi, I heard from the radio about a big fire that is currently happening in Pasig and many were affected. Why is this happening? I thought the winning of Danica Flores Magpantay in the Ford Supermodel of the World will bring in the positive streak for the country but just like what happened during Venus Raj's winning in the Miss Universe 2010 wherein along with the celebration is the mourning for the people killed in the the horrible hostage-taking in another bus. Why can't we just enjoy first the good news and everything before these terrorist make any scenes. They are scene stealer! 

The Final three (from left: Ms. Lithunia, Danica, Ms. Poland)

The bombing incident brought paranoia in my system, the bus is my mode of transportation when heading back home and tonight, instead of taking the bus I walked myself again to Guadalupe and take a jeepney instead. You won't know when and where terrorist strikes and sometimes the more common the place is the more the place is susceptible as target by these merciless killers. So its better to be even more careful and alert in our surroundings.

Some trivia, I know the incident shouldn't be laughed or joked about but I can't help to smirk when I found out that the name of the driver driving the bombed bus was "Maximo Peligro" when translated it should be equivalent to "Maximum Danger"! What a coincidence it is, I wonder if sometimes some people are really just victims of someone else's misfortune or merely brought by a jinx in their names. Read the entire bombing story here.

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