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Filipina Maria Aragon wows Lady Gaga

Maria Aragon is the newest internet sensation after Lady Gaga herself tweeted all praises about Maria's version of "Born This Way" in YouTube.  After the tweet the video soars high to a million mark views.

Watch Maria's version of the song below.


Maria Aragon is a 10-year-old Fil-Canadian who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. Both of her parents are Filipinos but she was born in Canada.

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Britney Spears Official Hold It Against Me Music Video

Here is Britney's newest music video for her latest single Hold it Against Me of her upcoming album Femme Fatale. Watch it while it's hot!!! Enjoy!

My sister is a big fan of her, we grew up watching her since she debuted the hit "Baby Hit Me One More Time" and it's nice to see her back on stage again and performing her signature stuff. 

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I am MIA

I really feel sorry that I cannot update my blog everyday, I am officially missing in action. This week and even last week have really been a busy as a bee week for me. We are in the middle of the build phase and a lot of coding/ fixing/ investigation and researching is going on. Though I still stay up late at night but I am too tired to even composed a decent post. I avoid to write article out of rush. As much as possible I wanted it to be useful, expressive and/or informative to the readers.

I noticed that I tend to laugh more often this past few days maybe to laugh off the stress and pressures of everyday work. There were many road blocks that I encountered when I started writing my codes luckily I was able to resolve it this afternoon (Yehey!). Whew! Why didn't I just picked Tourism when I was in college?! now I have to deal with all the logical and analytical thinking. Did you know that thinking too much is way more stressful and tiring than physical fatigue.

I am really sooo tired right now so I'll just have to make this post this short :) I promise to make up on the coming weekend. God bless!

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Alphainventions is a Cheater

Have you used Alphainventions in your site? If yes, better do some testing on your Article links caused it might have been controlled by this cheater site. I'm not supposed to write any articles yet since I had been really busy this week but when I found out about the tactics of this cheater I can't help but to share as soon as I can this dreaded act. So Bloggers beware! About a week ago, I wrote this article about Alphainventions and how it helps a site create some traffic. A traffic that would reflect in your report or in analytics but not true visitors that will interact in your page. Read Generate traffic with Alphainventions to track back my whole story.

So as I was checking my blog, I noticed that I got some visitors who are checking out some of my past posts. So I clicked on one of links in the Archive section. After a while the page loaded, but no content found except for a single sentence or a title of an article and when you hover your mouse you will know that it is a link. I was confused, so I immediately checked the URL in the Address bar, the URL is correct. It is correctly pointing to my article but where is my content? I hover again on the link and I saw from the status bar of my browser that it is pointing to Alphainventions. I again went back to my homepage and tried again using the same article but the result is still the same. I tried my other links and all are not redirecting on my content but to this single Alphainventions link. I also noticed that the title of the link is of the same topic as of my article.

I then remembered that I hadn't removed yet the JavaScript code that I got from this site. So I hurriedly removed it and now my site is back to normal. Links are working fine now and I can see my content. I hate it that I only found this out later. So to everyone else who might thought Alphainventions offers a great bargain, better think again. Looks like the creator of this Alphainventions is one hell of a smart cheater guy who can manipulate our links to redirect into a frame without the address being changed. Frames work in such a way that the URL in your Address bar remains the same but the content you will see in the page is no longer the original content. It's a tactic to redirect users to his own site while the original owners of the article suffer.

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The Fire, the Winner and the Bombers

Bad news is all over the country, another alarming event had put my beloved country on top of the international news today. A bombing incident inside a bus happened around 2 pm luckily I am all stuck up in office all day, it killed 2 people on the spot and another 2 out of the 15 wounded people were declared dead on arrival in the hospital. I really feel sorry for the families left by these people. These are innocent people who just happened to board on that misfortuned bus. I pity hate those heartless bombers, those criminals don't know God,  living a life of no conscience. Why do they have to drag along innocent people in their useless throw-away life? They are not making any clear statement here, killing others won't do anything to prove your beliefs and/or principles.

Just this morning while boarded in a taxi, I heard from the radio about a big fire that is currently happening in Pasig and many were affected. Why is this happening? I thought the winning of Danica Flores Magpantay in the Ford Supermodel of the World will bring in the positive streak for the country but just like what happened during Venus Raj's winning in the Miss Universe 2010 wherein along with the celebration is the mourning for the people killed in the the horrible hostage-taking in another bus. Why can't we just enjoy first the good news and everything before these terrorist make any scenes. They are scene stealer! 

The Final three (from left: Ms. Lithunia, Danica, Ms. Poland)

The bombing incident brought paranoia in my system, the bus is my mode of transportation when heading back home and tonight, instead of taking the bus I walked myself again to Guadalupe and take a jeepney instead. You won't know when and where terrorist strikes and sometimes the more common the place is the more the place is susceptible as target by these merciless killers. So its better to be even more careful and alert in our surroundings.

Some trivia, I know the incident shouldn't be laughed or joked about but I can't help to smirk when I found out that the name of the driver driving the bombed bus was "Maximo Peligro" when translated it should be equivalent to "Maximum Danger"! What a coincidence it is, I wonder if sometimes some people are really just victims of someone else's misfortune or merely brought by a jinx in their names. Read the entire bombing story here.

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Looking forward to something GREAT and PINK?

Got home late today due to some late night calls with our counterpart from Chicago. I am feeling better today both in physical and emotional ways. I guess because I was cleansed yesterday when I heard the good words from our Lord. Thank you also to my brother who never fails to pray my condition to Allah. 

Today happened to be my 3rd meeting with my Derma and so far so good. I also had my 3rd UVB session and I can already see that my wounds are becoming fainter day by day it's almost blending now with my skin color. Once my eczema goes into hibernation, my Derma will provide me an ointment for the blotches. Hopefully it will be effective. I am actually more concerned now for my eczema flare-up to completely end so that I can focus on the restoration of my legs :) I am looking forward to that. I promised myself to do everything that I can to make that happen. 

Another good news, I am soon to own a pink Fujifilm FinePix Z30 digital camera yahooo! One of my classmates who is in Japan right now offered this cutey for 5T bucks. I have longed planned to buy myself a digicam so I can post some real pictures in my blog sites. Our old digicam had problems with its lens making it useless when used during the day since the whole picture will look too bright and the result is all white. It was a great camera it's a Casio and always comes in handy. I had used it mostly during my college days and I really felt sorry when it was damaged. 

 Back view of Fujifilm FinePix Z30

The Fujifilm FinePix Z30 is already out of stock in the market and lucky to be one of the last few people to own one. Check out the full features here.

Front view of Fujifilm FinePix Z30

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O Holy Sunday

I missed my blog! Was not able to post last day since my laptop was being Lapnapped ("kidnapping" of a laptop?? Making my own terms here, hehe!). My cousin borrowed my lappy last night which I thought would only take an hour or so that's why I agreed BUT it was already morning this day when he let go of my beloved computer. And I had no spare time to write one this morning since I am working on "something". A new project of mine that I wish to get launch within the month. I am making another blog which is entirely dedicated to Internet Marketing. I am really eyeing on this particular topic that I even created a new blog site that is entirely about ways of earning money through the internet. I had been blogging since 2009 and I had tried all sorts of things in the internet and I want to share those experiences and knowledge to others. I want to make this new blog a perfect place for blogging newbies or even to simple surfers for them to get a grab to the endless possibilities of earning money in the internet. And so back to the topic :)

Today is Sunday and Sunday means going to Church, singing and praising the name of our almighty God~ how I love our pastors, they are really good in delivering the message to us they do it in a really reaching and demonstrative manner. Our Pastors Jocel and Mylene are a married couple and they do their preaching in a supportive way. If P.Jocel is the speaker for the session, during the preach P. Mylene can inject some of her thoughts as well making the preaching more effective. Their preach today went really funny and touching. P. Jocel was talking about how God looks at us. He said that God always have a good opinion about us that even if we sin, he never take that sin against us. 

Did you know that whenever we sin, God never look at us as sinners anymore since Jesus Christ died on the cross 2000 years ago our sins committed in the past, committing in the present and to commit in the future are already PAID for and God sees us as the face of his Son Jesus Christ right there in the cross. That's why P. Mylene is pointing out that people who sin should immediately turn to God instead of running away from him. She said that people who falls short of the glory of God tends to assume that God is angry at them making them turn away to the Lord due to shame and feeling of unworthiness when in truth God had nothing against us. God is a loving God and we are like that son in the story of the "Prodigal Son". That no matter how he sinned his father upon seeing his return ran towards him embraced him and announced a feast for his return claiming "his son that was once dead was reborn". 

I love going to Church and hearing the good words of the Lord of how good and great our Lord is. Away to the pain, sickness, poverty, disasters, anxiety, envy. Lord is the God of good things and so I say I want MUCH MORE of you my Lord! I am expecting much more, I am expecting prosperity, good health, peace of mind, world peace, harmony and everything good in your name O Lord! my God! Amen.

Kindly read the article "The Power to Overcome Sins" written by our pastor, this is how I wanted to say my point. Find the article in http://www.newlifethefort.com/home.html. Thank you!

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Generate traffic with Alphainventions

I am not supposed to write again another article for this day but one incident made me all awake. After publishing my article for this day there was a sudden traffic that I saw from my Analytics report. I immediately checked the traffic sources and they came from different regions all
over the world from United States to Saudi Arabia to France and Germany but the confusing part is it all came from the same referrer which is the alphainventions.com. When I tried to navigate into the site here's what it will looks like:

While searching the net, I found out that it was actually an application that pools different blogs into one site and display it randomly on the page. I make citation to this forum that I read and he explained pretty well how it is done.

1) Firstly it is in two parts A and B. Lets say that A is the alphainventions.com and its readers, and that B is blog webmasters (you)

2) It seems the script scrapes blogs from wordpress.com or spiders the web for blogs based on the wordpress platform. It then adds these blogs to a random display cycle on the alphainventions website. So your new published material and posts get seen asap! (this is his main concept behind it - alternative to pinging maybe he finks?)

3) Your blog will then be displayed to the readers or browsers of alphainventions - but only when you update your blog such as publishing a post/pinging. When you do this it will be displayed to random users browsing alpha inventions.

4) Your blog will just pop up BAM in their face in their iframe.
(credits to Patrat)

I think this is a very effective application for generating traffic to your site BUT not good if you want to see true readers of your blog, people who really stops by because they like what you are writing not because it was unwantedly thrown into their faces.

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Tired for no reason

I don't know why I left the office today feeling really tired. Like I have been going to the office for the entire straight week which didn't happened really. I was on sick leave for two days, and on a half day work yesterday so it means today is the first day for this week that I actually spent my whole twelve hours at work. Sometimes I wonder if spending my time in our company is still worth it. Many of us had been feeling less motivated day by day resulting to an increase of employees resigning each month. Looking for a better place to earn and grow.

With the new policy implemented earlier last year obliging us to work 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. People are already spending almost half of their day just to prepare and go to work. 9 hours working time, 1 and a half hours lunch break and an estimated 2 hours travel time to and from work. 2 and a half hours to fix myself in the morning and after returning from work PLUS taking my meals in between. That's totaled to 15 hours of my 24 hours for work leaving me only 9 hours spare time which 7-8 of it spent for sleeping. And the remaining 1 hour to unwind or to catch my favorite TV show (which I never really felt much).

This has been my routine for a year now and sometimes I am afraid that I might wake up one day fully left behind. Being stuck on the same company, same people, same work. The truth is I really admire people who is not afraid to leave big things behind (or what they seem is valuable and regretful to lose). I am a person who gets bored easily, I love diversity and changes and though I want to catch those big dreams but sometimes uncertainty holds me back.

I love my company. It was like the best job offer for a fresh graduate like me back then. But things change and so my company. It's not the best place to work anymore at least on my opinion. I wonder when will my opinion change.

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When PMS hits you

Last night as I was heading back home, I felt tensed and confused. I got a feeling of extreme irritation as I was walking along the bridge going to Guadalupe. I, all of a sudden was cursing the strong blow of the wind, the smoke coming out from the engine of the passing cars, the sweat drifting into my face and the long walk that I am taking (which is really just a short distance from my office to the Jeepney station in Guada).

As I was going to the usual line up of the jeeps, I was welcomed by a long queue of passengers bound to C5-Housing, Pateros and FTI the same direction that I am going. No choice but to line up as well. I am not familiar to the place the queue is heading. As the line moves forward, I realized that we need to pass through the parking lot of the Mall, that was just fine with me as I thought. But things get worse when the line was liked freezed for about 15 minutes or so and we are standing there in heat and me feeling claustrophobic all of the sudden can't help but to sigh in angst. My sensitive nose immediately caught a foul smell like a tire or something with lead is being burnt. I can't control myself anymore, my face and action already manifested the feelings that I've been suppressing. I felt anger, like all is hell, I see all things negatively even the innocent man behind me. Not hiding my angry face at anyone who sees me.

I felt something is stranged in my behaviour, this is not me. I had been lady-like all patient and prim for the last weeks and then now I feel completely the oppposite. Like I'm a big bouncer ready to brawl. I feel like shouting to everyone. To my co-passengers, to the drivers, the barkers, even the to the dog. And then it hit me, looks like I'm under a spell again. A spell cast only to girls like me. The curse of PMS or the Premenstrual syndrome.

I know that I have PMS if I'm acting irrational, easily angered, cries all of a sudden, feeling joyful at one moment then becomes sad again. My number one manifestation is when I feel extremely angry to Panyet with shallow or no valid reasons at all. Which just happened a while ago while were talking over the phone. It's hard to control the situation when we have no hold to it.

I just got off the jeep, I'm about to buy Cetirizine in the Generics pharmacy but it was out of stock. O Great! I tried to ask on the next pharmacy but their Cetirizine cost 32 pesos which is being sold for only 3.50 pesos in the Generics. Thinking that is not convenient, I opted to walked back to the other pharmacies and I was able to buy for some for 8 pesos each atleast it is not that expensive compared to that 32 pesos.

And so I was able to get home and fixed myself. I realized how a PMS could ruin your day.

(Written a week ago)

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The Blessed Tuesday

Thank you Lord for this wonderful Tuesday, I had a very good night's sleep last night and woke up pretty energized and revived. Unlike the past nights I was able to sleep well without interruption wherein I usually woke up scratching my legs unknowingly. Today is the best day so far, I had not scratched my skin in a major major way (as Ms. Venus Raj would say). My skin got a big break from the scratching and I can now smell the scent of true healing for my skin and for myself.

Tomorrow I'll return to work, enough of the sick leaves but I will still go for a half day tomorrow since I have to return to my Derma for a follow-up. It's critical that she checks in my progress since I am taking a pretty high dose of Prednisone. I also need to tell her that though my scars had stopped from watering and bleeding, the progress of it's healing is not the same compared to my first major flare-up. I am actually worried that I might still have the eczema even after the medication. If that would happen I'll be needing to extend my intakes of these medicines. Which I never really had a fond of taking. Especially Prednisone, did you know that Is started to dislike this drug when I found out that it shuts down your body's immune system even after a year of your last intake? making you vulnerable to other diseases. That's what happened to me, during my first flare-up I while under medication on Prednisone, I often wake up night feeling numb and like palpitating. When I did my research I found out that people who had been taking this drug even experiences heart congestion.

But since it's the only medicine so far that can stopped an eczema breakout there is no choice for me but to take it. I would just need to find ways of boosting my body's defense by eating good and healthy foods. I continue to think positively and depends everything to him, to God almighty. I know he will never leave me and he hears my pain and prayers. Times such as these remind me to take some stop-overs once in my life or a detour just in case I am forgetting him and his purpose. Thank you Lord for this day and for the life. I love you so much!

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Three layered sandwich

I am about to sleep but my stomach holds me from doing so. I had been on an oatmeal and fruits diet for two days now (though still eating real foods in between). I as much as possible try not to intake food that may caused irritation to my skin and I am also avoiding harsh chemicals such as scented powder and hand alchohols. I skipped work today to focus on my medication, I thought that I I'll be all good after a day of medication but as I am seeing improvements on the wounds I also had this super duper itchy legs and arms, I am taking now a new antihistamine called Xyzal which should be stronger than Cetirizine but I am now confused why I am still itching. The wounds are slowly healing but because I can't help myself from scratching, the effects of the other meds are useless. Everytime I scratch, I feel like I am relieved of the hell that I am currently in but after the scratching my skin will feel really painful and weak and aggravated. That's the time that I started crying.

I cried cause I cannot take the itching much more of the scratching and the pain of my aggravated skin. I cried cause I know that the medication would be useless, I won't be healed as long as I don't stop the scratching but what can I do? I just found out that scratching is the worst way of testing your self control. Scratching can be compared from a sydrome wherein people both find pleasure and pain. Looks like my story is missing it's focus. I am supposed to tell the story about the three layered sandwich hehe! :)

And so back to the real topic, since I had been depriving myself to real foods, there will come a night wherein you cannot tell your stomach to shut up and just forget about the damn emptiness that's hovering inside me. This is the effect of Pred, I just took my dinner 3 hours ago and here I am starving to death like I am left at home with no food in 3 days. So I hurriedly go down stairs into our kitchen and made myself a three layered sandwich with cheese as the spread and also made coffee with the 3 in 1 coffee that one of my auntie brought from Taiwan. I toasted the bread and layered the cheese. I also boiled some water for the coffee.

Uhhmmm... In a really cold times such as tonight, it's nice to have some nice coffee over a toasted bread minus the freaking eczema. Oh! well! I hope this flare-up will end up soon so I can eat all the foods that I wanted. Boo! to scratching and to starvation!

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10 Do's and Dont's after a UVB session

As UVB sessions help people like me heal faster there's also some disadvantages brought by this treatment. An overexposure to UVB radiation can cause sunburn and some forms of skin cancer. However the most deadly form - malignant melanoma - is mostly caused by the indirect DNA damage (free radicals and oxidative stress). In humans, prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye, and immune system.[15] This can be seen from the absence of a UV-signature mutation in 92% of all melanoma.

UVB helps in the production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has regulatory roles in calcium metabolism (which is vital for normal functioning of the nervous system, as well as for bone growth and maintenance of bone density), immunity, cell proliferation, insulin secretion, and blood pressure.

After a UVB treatment make sure that you observe the following do's and dont's:

1. DO make sure that you have a referral from you derma or doctor as they will know whether it is necessary for you to undergo the treatment.

2. DONT make you Derma or doctor prescribed you this treatment if it ain't really needed. Sometimes our desire to get healed immediately would make us want to have the extreme treatments or the higher dosage of medicines. Let our doctors decide, we don't have to put words in their mouth. They know what's best for us.

3. Make sure the one conducting the session is a licensed doctor or an authorized medical personnel.

4. DO apply sunblock to the areas that were exposed during the treatment.

5. DO avoid additional sun exposure for the day. Remember UVB is like standing under the sun for 20 minutes so there's no need to get exposed some more.

6. DO protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

7. DO apply topical medications upon returning home.

8. DO call you attending derma if you should or should not continue your treatment. This is more patients that have more than 1 prescribed session. It is advisable to have a follow-up check-up with your derma so she can see your skin if there's improvement already.

9. DO call your attending derma when you experience any of the following within 24 hours:
a. Unusual or persistent pain
b. Burning
c. Blistering
d. Persistent Erythema ( redness of the skin, caused by hyperemia of the capillaries in the lowerlayers of the skin.)
e. Swelling

10. DO get the contact numbers of the Phototherapy lab of the hospital so you can contact them if you have further concerns.

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How is UVB conducted?

UVB or Ultraviolet B (also known as ultraviolet light or midrange sunbeam) is a non-invasive way of making wounds, rashes and flare-ups dry up faster by exposing the skin to a high volume of light. This light are not the harmful UV ones, instead it uses the B type or medium wave UV. They say that a four minute session is equivalent to standing under the sun for 20 minutes of course during the time when the sun rays are not harmful, from 7-9AM.

UV light is found in sunlight and is emitted by electric arcs and specialized lights such as black lights. Most ultraviolet can be classified as non-ionizing radiation, and can cause chemical reactions, and many substances to glow or fluoresce under it. However, the higher energies of the ultraviolet spectrum from about 150 nm ('vacuum' band) are ionizing, but this type of ultraviolet is not very penetrating and is blocked by air.

Here's how it is done:

1. You will need a referral from you derma or doctor. The referral should indicate the amount of exposure as for me it's 500 mj.

2. Go to the Phototheraphy lab and show your referral.

3. They will assist you to the room where the UVB session is conducted. Inside the room is the actual machine. The machine is like a vertical chamber, it has atleast more than 20 pieces of long flourescent lamps. It have 2 buttons to step in at the bottom which say "Lamps" and "Fan". There is also a buzzer. The buzzer will be used to inform the medical personnel that you are ready since he had to turn the machine from the outside.

4. The personnel will ask you if it is your first time for the treatment so he can explain how it is done. If it's not your first time you can still tell him/her that you can't remember how it was done so they can repeat it all for you.

5. Listen to the instructions. The personnel will ask you where are the affected areas, since these affected areas are the one that needs to be exposed. If it's the whole body then you would have to remove your clothes but you can leave you undergarments on. You will not have to remove your clothes immediately as the medical personnel will still show you the other to dos.

6. Next, the medical personnel will give you a goggles with cotton to serve as a protection for your eyes since they will not be part of the treatment unless you want to get blind :)

7. He will then guide you to the chamber wherein he will show you to step on the "Fan" button and to press the buzzer once you're all ready.

8. After the demo, the medical personnel will step out of the room to give you the privacy to undress. Close the door first then undress yourself, leave your clothes inside the locker.

9. Unlock the door and immediately step in to the chamber. Close the chamber and step on the "Fan" button. Press the buzzer twice just to make sure he/she will hear you. Wear you goggles make sure it's securely put on.

10. The personnel will step in again to the room and will ask you if your already wearing your goggles. After making sure you have your goggles on, the medical personnel will start up the machine.

11. You will hear the loud sound coming from the fan, you will also observe some light that peeks at the corner of your eyes, you'll notice the heat encircling the chamber, and the electronic voice that tells you how many minutes left on the session. Mine lasted for 4 minutes. You will know if its over once the electronic voice tells you to step out of the chamber. Don't be afraid since you medical personnel will be inside the room thoughout the session. And he/she will also tells you if the session is over.

12. Once done, the medical personnel will again step out of the room. You will have to get dressed after. After effects are that your eyes are somehow blurry for a minute or so but it won't stay long.

13. Pay your bill and also ask for a Do's and Dont's after a UVB session checklist.

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Derma Appointment

I at last met with my Derma last day, It was surprising that she still recalls me. Even the staff remembered. Dr. De Veyra is still beautiful and young looking as I remembered her to be, her hair longer than before. She gave me the usual bright smile she often gives to her patients. And the welcoming endearment "iha" that's how she addresses me. We had a little chit chat after catching up on some lost times she then asked me on why and how I had a flare-up. And so I again started retelling the whole story from the Anawangin Escapade up to the pantal up to the pantal-turned eczema and into a major flare-up.

I found out something new, did you know that nickel can also caused allergic reactions? Before I was able to tell the cause of my second flare-up my derma made a suggestion that I check the utensils being used at home, she said that maybe the "kaldero" or the rice cooker are already old and it's outer coating are peeling off which might mixed up with the food.

Dr. De Veyra had a long queue of patients that day and I can see that she is already tired but she still was able to hear out my case. She immediately advised all necessary oral and topical medications that I needed.

And so for my Oral I have:

1. Prednisone 20MG @ 7 x P7.75 = P54.25
2. Xyzal 5MG @ 7 x P24.75 = P173.25
3. Iterax 10MG @ 7 x P11.50 = P80.50

For my topical medication I have:

4. Soap Free liquid gel  @ P448
5. Physiogel Intensive @ P650
6. Betamethasone lotion @ 492.80

I also undergo Phototheraphy session:

7. UVB 500 MJ @ P600

That robs my bank account by P2498! Oh! well going to a derma is really expensive as they are fond of prescribing lotions that are only sold by them but I may say all those lotions are worth the money as they are really effective and helps me a lot. Thanks to Maxicare, I would not need to worry about my consultation fee which is by the way worth P1500 in Makati Med. Whew! sometimes having a work with many benefits such as medical coverage helps a lot. Although it is also the work that makes us sick and stressed.

And so after waiting for two and a half hours to meet my derma, it only took us less than 10 minutes to discuss the matter and I'm already out in her office.

If  you need a good derma, you can count on Dr. De Veyra. You can look her up in the Makati Medical Center website.

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Pizza Hut P499 Promo!

Love pizza? Then what are you waiting for grab your phone now and catch this really great deal from Pizza Hut! Get Not one but two Family Pan Pizzas for only P499 all you pay (save P299)! Exclusive for delivery. Flavors available are Supreme, Bacon Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme and Veggie Lovers Supreme.

Call Pizza Hut as 911-11-11 for Metro Manila area or order online pizzahut.com.ph

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Grooveshark or Pandora?

Some good things about work is that you'll learn a lot of stuff, from your routine work, to daily issues that needs to be solved, request that needs to be attended, meetings for brainstorming, webcast to listen to. But the best thing about work is learning different websites that offers pleasure while working without violating the company's rules and regulations. One of the sites that we often go to are online radio sites. Two of the best I know and is widely used in the office are Grooveshark and Pandora.

Pandora currently is not allowing visitors from the Philippines or I may say IP addresses that are registered outside of the US territory. Grooveshark on the other hand can be accessed worldwide. While Pandora is the best choice since it is now offering downloads of MP3 musics into your IPod it may not be as widely accessible as Grooveshark.

Both are offered for free but one is more convenient. Grooveshark can be used immediately no sign ups needed while for Pandora you must sign up using your email.

Music and Variety
Both are offering a large collection of different songs from the most recent hits, by genre and to songs per artist or per album. But I believe Grooveshark offers not only english or international songs but may include Tagalog, Japanish, Korean and other local country songs as well on their original language.

Both offers high quality music though Grooveshark tends to stop from time to time to buffer but only happens if you have a slow connection. Pandora on the other hand, often have maintenance problems that makes it inaccessible to users at times.

Groveshark looks less serious than Pandora. Grooveshark also changes wallpaper theme from time to time that's why it's more fun to use.

Overall, both are useful and either one is a good option especially if you wanna work while listening (and singing along as well) to your favorite songs.

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Prednisone Medication: Day 7

7 hours ago I took my last Prednisone intake, I was under medication for 7 days due to an eczema flare-up. I thought I'll be able to take care of my condition without going to the derma but I was wrong. Today I'll pay my derma a visit, it's been almost a year since my last appointment with her and maybe she'll not recognized me anymore but I know she can cure me.

I had already mention her in Day 1. She's a great derma, her office is in Makati Medical Center, 2nd floof. I know she'll be alarmed when she sees my flare-up but she's a very compassionate doctor and I know she'll give me again those encouraging words that I needed. Though like most derma, I expect for some expensive beta lotion and moisturizer. I'll ask her if she can allow me to go for a UVB treatment. UVB treatment will be a great help. This treatment is equivalent to standing under the sun for 20 minutes. It helps dry up the wounds.

I expect to be given higher dosage of Prednisone atleast 30mg. per day. I hope I will not encounter any side effects please Lord! please no side effects. I will start my oatmeal and fruits diet. I don't know but my skin now is inflamed and always itching eventhough I had already avoided all irritants that I know. Maybe my skin's state as of the moment is of super mega hyper state of sensitivity.

I am also planning to take a week's leave at work. I believe it would really help as I will avoid the daily hassle of travelling to and from work. Avoid being in the cold airconditioned area for almost 10 hours. Avoid inhalation of highly densed volume of polluted air. At home I'll be able to let my eczema air out which is helpful rather than hiding it under pants and jackets which is my normal getup in the office.

This is one stubborn flare-up and this stubborn flare-up is gonna meet the best eczema buster I know in town. Dr. De Veyra its your turn.

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Prednisone Medication: Day 6

It's already Day 6 of my medication and I can already say that my medication is a failure. My flare-up got worse than before, My arms and fingers are also infected with eczema. I think its time to go to the derma, there is no choice left. I tried all the necessary steps to end this flare-up but everything is not going as planned.

I'll make this post short, I am not on my best mood today. I'm being troubled by this problem. I wanted to say something positive but my head isn't jiving well. It is really true that health is wealth. People like me who suffers from eczema had loss much in their life. Instead of looking forward to other beautiful things this life has to offer, here I am stuck on this problem. Eczema is quite a big burden to carry.

I wish I was the same girl 2 years ago, a jobless fresh graduate student who is healthy and carefree rather than the girl I am today. A girl who easily get sick and always haunted by these skin problems. It's hard to live when you have to be always careful in what you eat or apply to your skin. Imagine I only spent 3 days in the wilderness of Anawangin Island and after that allergy immediately followed. To hell to those insects and to any of those creatures who did this to me.

It's really hard to keep my hopes up right now but what else can I do? Is there any choice? Rather than to continue crying in vain it's better to accept things as they are now. I have no control on this. I cannot bring back the time but hopefully I can bring back my skin as it was before. I know I can and  yes I will bring it back.

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Mark the name Youssef

We lived under the same roof for almost 20 years. We call the same woman "mama" and the same guy "daddy". We used to play the same games like "bahay-bahayan", "shato", volleyball, "text", "tumbang preso", "tatsing tsinelas", "habul-habulan", "tagu-taguan" and "base base-han". We ate the same food on the same table. Listens to the mass on the same catholic church. Gone to the same school from elementary to high school even went to the same University. I came to know him as kuya Cris but his friends call him Mark. He is my brother and my Idol.

If people ask me to describe my kuya, I often tell them that my Kuya is intelligent. It's the first thing that comes into my head. Maybe because when I was still a student he is the one that I look up to since he is really good in school. My kuya is an achiever, a high perfomer. He excel in any field that he's in. I believe the secret is because he is determined and focused. My kuya is a family loving man. I liked how he loves our mother. And secretly I feel that among all of us, he is the favorite child of our mother. It's hard to make peace when his angry since he is a really stubborn person. But he's not easily angered unless it's a serious issue.

He is the best person to have as a friend, our cousin who is also my kuya's bestfriend can atest to that. Not to mention the best brother that can I ever asked for, I may not tell this to him but I really missed having worthwhile conversations with him, what's good with my kuya is he is open to any topics, he ask me sensitive questions but I never get offended. He is the only guy aside from Panyet that I can open myself to. As I always say my kuya is really intelligent so talking with him means talking stuff with sense. Sometimes our talking can turn into a debate. He is best in debates, my mother can surely testify to that, hehe! peace kuya!

Back in our home when he was still jobless, my mother thinks that my kuya had no direction in life. That he is lazy and laid back. It's because kuya loves sleeping and he often wakes up really late the following morning. In my head I know that he is not. My kuya is intelligent and talented and it's impossible for him not to have a better life. I know he have plans for himself and he is just waiting for the right time and the right opportunity. I know it, because he is a person who plans. He had already pictured in his head what he will become years from now. He is ambitous and that's what I liked about him.

And now on his 25 years of existence, he yet again impressed me by taking a big step which I believe just made me looked up unto him even more. I know him by the name Mark but my brother is no longer the skinny and geek type brother that I used to know. He had changed, changed for the better. On his birthday last January 11, he take a big step away from his old self and into a new person, a new life, a new belief.

"As salaam alaikum" Youssef, my brother. With your new belief, may you continue to be the same person, same friend, same son, same brother that we used to know. I know you will be a good follower of Islam as you were as a christian. And no matter what path you would decide to go, you will always be the same brother that I used to play "habulan" with. Again, Happy Birthday and I miss you!

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Five ways to prevent Eczema

Eczema is a tough thing since there is no cure to it but you can fight it through prevention. Preventing yourself from getting eczema flare-up is the best way to fight this tough shit. If you have eczema like me, I advise you do the following steps:

1. Identify what causes your flare-up. People with sensitive skin reacts to certain irritants such as chemicals, foods, pollution, contact to animals, insect bites and many more. People who had sensitive skin since birth commonly knows what makes them allergic but people that have only experienced an attack later in their life maybe confused on what's the cause of a flare-up so I suggest it's better to avoid everything that you think can cause reactions as a precautionary step. You can also take an Allergy Test to further identify where you are really allergic at.

2. Avoid! Avoid! Self-control is the key to healing. Control yourself from causing any damage and truly avoid these irritants as much as possible. Foods that you used to eat but can cause allergies should be avoided. Just for now, once the flare-up is over you can go back eating your favorite foods.

3. Boost your immune system. Flare-ups are often due to low immune system. So it is better to take Vitamin C as always to avoid getting other type of sickness. Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids are believe to be great immunity boosters. There is also a wide range of natural plant extracts that may boost the immune system and prevent eczema flareups.

4. Re-hydrate yourself all the time. Stay away from Coffee as often dehydrates the skin. It is better to be under water therapy as to maintain the skin mosit and hydrated. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, or 10 glasses of liquid. Vitamin E oil may also help in hydrating the skin.

5. Shorten your bath time. Prolonged bathing can cause your skin to lose it's natural oil resulting to ever drier skin. It is also advisable to use lukewarm or warm water but not hot. 

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Prednisone Medication: Day 5

I am already on my 5th day of medication but instead of getting better my eczema flare up had become worse than before. I don't blame Prednisone. All I want to blame if myself. I had been scratching non-stop, but what can I say one of the things that's hard to control is the urge to scratch. I got this hyper sensitive skin that I get itchy all the time no matter how I avoid certain foods or how I follow other do's and dont's during a flare-up.

If only I hadn't gone to that trip to Anawangin, I shouldn't have been experiencing this but enough of looking back from the past and enough of regretting. This is a lesson for me, to teach me that I have eczema and my life is not the same as before. I must be careful next time and always think of the outcome. No matter what I do what is done is done. All I need to do right now is to think positive, pray even harder and face this with all positivity and with hope. I will also not missed to take my Cetirizine again no matter if my skin is itchy or not. Prevention is better than cure.

I mentioned that I will provide a picture of my legs as for comparison but I decided not to, since there was really no difference at all. But I promise to provide some once I get healed and with God I will! And I know healing is not far from my reach.

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Prednisone Medication: Day 4

An itchy day 4 for me, despite how I avoid getting allergic reactions but looks like I cannot really totally avoid it. I had been scratching and scratching since yesterday night. Prednisone had been doing its work but my antihistamine is not performing well. If I continue to scratch this wounds then I would never be healed despite how many times I take Prednisone.

They say Eczema flare-ups are caused by stress, low immune system, reactions of skin to the sun, mosquito bites and/ or chemicals. Eczema is a form of dermatitis. It is used to a range of persistent skin conditions. They are redish, inflammed, watery and are really itchy. There is a term called Edema that is used to define the condition of the skin where an abnormal accumulation of fluid is formed beneath the skin. You know that you are having a flare-up if your skin's current condition includes dryness and recurring skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding.

My left leg with some of the wounds still watering.

Common medicines for eczema are Prednisone, Cetirizine, Steroids for the skin. Treatement of Eczema is quite dangerous. Prolonged use of steroids on the skin can cause for the chemicals to be absorbed by the skin all the way to our body system that's why it is recommended to shorten usage of such steroids.

My right leg with coin-shaped wounds called "nummular eczema"

The pictures had been taken exactly a week ago. And it had major improvements, now that I am already under medication. I'll post my latest pictures of my flare-up tomorrow so we can see how i had improved after 4 days of taking Prednisone. I could have been cured if not only I had been scratching too much lately.

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Prednisone Medication: Day 3

Today I experienced some itching maybe because I didn't take Cetirizine last night. But overall, I can see improvements on the flare-up. The wounds are drying up quickly. Though I am becoming a sleepy head. I'll share with you some of my knowledge about eczema's origin.

There is still no scientific explanation on the origin of eczema but it is believe to be inherited. So you don't have to blame yourself if you get one since it is purely out of your control. Just like me, when I was diagnosed to have one, my mother immediately recalled that my father has eczema too. But why didn't the disease manifest early on? Here's the story.

Many people had eczema since birth but they'll never know it unless they experienced a flare-up or an attack. Eczema attacks believe to happen during your infant to childhood days and anytime between your 20's and 30's. I was 22 when I had my first attack. Before that time I never experienced any allergies even to drugs, scented lotions nor to band-aids. But after the attack, other allergies where identified like my allergy to clindamycin, brown band-aids, too much sun exposure and some reactions to foods such as chicken.

They believe a person with eczema will experienced an attack atleast once during their childhood and during their young adulthood days. I remember that when I was in kindergarten, I had a really bad skin. I often get "galis" (scabies) since our place back then was surrounded with tall grasses. I remembered a time when I got small coin-shaped wounds and my mother often treat it with soap and a hot water. And then it hit me, maybe those wounds are eczema but my mother hadn't paid to much attention as to what it is. Going to doctors or derma during those days barely happens, people during those times trusted more the albularyo's and hilot's rather going to high asking pay doctors. As it is considered a luxury going to doctors at that time.

And now I got suffer this disease that had been sleeping inside me. 16 years passed before it manifested itself again.

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Suffering from Eczema?

Well you are not alone. I had been suffering from eczema for exactly 17 months now. Since August of 2009 up to now I had experienced 3 major flare-ups and some mild ones in between. I had long wonder why I always got to inherit all the bad health problems from my parents. I just got this eczema from my father who is an eczema sufferer himself. I also used to have heart problems when I was young good thing I was able to overcome it. I don't know why but when I come to think of eczema I always think of suffering. I know people who have eczema like me will agree. It's hard to have this type of disease as it will involve not only your physical appearance but your mental and social aspects are widely affected as well.

When I got my first major flare-up, I almost want to die. I know I may sound exaggerated but it's the truth. When I saw how severe the wounds were, I had become so hopeless that I will never be cured again. I started to wear long pants, I avoided wearing shorts or sleeeveless. I wan't to hide my skin as much as possible. My siblings who see my wounds watering can't help themselves but to react in disgust. How much more for to those for people that I don't know. I also become irritable. I'm unmmotivated and always unhappy.

Eczema is such disease that can't be cured by a week of antibiotics or rest. It's a disease with no cure. But good news is the flare-ups can be avoided. That's the only wish of eczema sufferers such as me. My only wish is to for my eczema to just sleep and never to wake up again. No more flare-ups. No more worries. No more problems. But maybe this is just part of the plan, all things have their reasons of existence. I may not know it right now but maybe the best thing to do is for me to learn to accept things as they are whether it be bad or worst. I'll move forward and try to see the beauty this life has to offer. There is more to life than this disease. I'll continue to fight and be not a sufferer but a fighter and a survivor of Eczema.

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Prednisone Medication: Day 2

I had a long sleep, from 12:30am to 11am. That made me missed the departure of my auntie to Taiwan, maybe I'll just leave a message on her FB.

After taking my first tab of Pred last night, I had been feeling a bit tensed and sleepy. Though I would say that the drug really helped as I can see improvements now on my eczema flare up, the wounds had stopped being watery. I also took cetirizine as it would help lessen the itching. Sratching of the wounds due to itch won't help stop the flare up but rather make your case worse. That's why if you are to treat your eczema flare up it is advisable to take also antihistamine drugs such as Cetirizine.

I also started to avoid foods that might activate my allergens. One reader advised me to go vegetarian. Eating only green leafy vegatables. I think that's a good advise as it would help me avoid foods like chicken, eggs, seafoods, etc. Since veggies are unlikely to cause allergic reactions. I also started my water therapy, keeping my skin rehydrated all the time will also help. Eczema worsen if you have dry skin that's why I remember my derma telling me to always keep my skin moist and clean. Also it is better to let the skin breathe, don't wear pants or long sleeves as it won't help. It is better if you let your skin under the sun for at least 20 minutes every morning. Or if you don't have the time ask your derma for the UVB treatment. My derma let me try the treatment to dry up the wounds faster. UVB treatments is equivalent to standing under the sun for 20 minutes each morning. The side effects though is your skin will get a bit reddish like you got a mild sun burn but that's normal and nothing to worry about said my derma. Double your amount of sunblock after the treatment.

Keep your mind healthy as well and avoid worrying yourself too much despite how worrisome the flare up is. I'm still five days away for my last day of intake. Hoping for positive results. Tomorrow I'll try to share the origin of eczema.

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Facebook will end on March 15th a hoax!

Many were alarmed when the link to this viral message from a site has started circulating in Facebook.

Though I know for sure that it's another bogus report, another viral message that hopes to give wrong information to users of Facebook. I still made my investigation and tried to verify the veracity of this news. The domain weeklyworldnews.com would make you go trust the source of the news but if you navigate on the site and try to check other articles posted by the blogger you will immediately realized that all is fake. The blogger intentionally created the article to alarm people. The blogger even made other outrageous  articles such as Megan Fox is a man, Miley Cyrus posing for Playboy, Michelle Obama pregnant and all other ridiculous stories that really has no strong evidence of being true.

Obviously, the blogger only wanted to create a fuss for him to promote his site. Bloggers like this should be apprehended for posting stories that are far from the truth and for causing a panic to Facebook followers. As a blogger, we ought to be responsible for anything that we posed on the net as it will also reflects our nature as an author. It will show who we are as a person.

Go to Facebook will end on March 15th!, to view the article. But please be responsible and try not to share the wrong information to others. It is better to clarify this also to your Facebook friends.

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Prednisone Medication: Day 1

5 minutes ago I intake Prednisone 5 into my system. After a long streak of 8 months of not being dependent on that medicine, I again find myself in the Pharmacy asking for 6 pieces of Pred 10 tabs but settled on the 5mg. since the 10mg. is out of stock. I hate/love this medicine. I love this because it really cures eczema flare up, it's like a medicine wonder for us people suffering from eczema. The results are fast and really visible, first intake of this drug and you will immediately see improvements on the eczema.

I came to know this drug a couple of years back, when I was diagnosed of having the skin disease. I didn't know I had eczema before then, I really had no problem with my body skin. I don't have food allergies, I don't react much to chemicals, I have slight reactions to tall grasses and shrubs but other than that I had lived a pretty carefree life. It was late May of 2009 when I noticed the small insect marks on my lower legs. I didn't panicked much thinking the marks would go away but after a few days the marks became watery and itchy. The marks turned into wounds but this type of wound dont dry up nor heal immediately rather it continues to grow bigger. After a few weeks my lower legs were bombarded by open wounds.

My first reaction is to go to a doctor, the doctor diagnosed me of having a dirty blood and so she advised me to take Clindamycin (a type of antibiotic) which I needed to take every 8hrs. for 7days. She also gave me Cetirizine (a type of antihistamine) for the itching, a skin cleanser and an ointment. I devotedly followed her orders, but after a few days I feel worse than before, aside from the unhealed wounds I also experienced heavy breathing each time I take the Clindamycin. My arms also had something that looks like a formation of redish small spots like when you get allergic reaction. My mother feeling pitiful on my condition encouraged me to visit an "Albularyo" (Also known as Quack Doctors. In the Philippines, people still believe in going to this people for cure, "albularyo's" or "hilots" are not doctors rather they believe to heal people through spiritual means). The "Albularyo" said that a guy whom I hurt in the past put a curse on me, her findings made my eyes roll. But for my mother's happiness I just followed what the "Albularyo" instructed me to do. She asked me to keep a match containing something which I cannot remember.

Feeling at my worst state, I found myself asking my mother to accompany me to Makati Medical Center. It's where I met Dr. Ma. Lourdes Aragon - De Veyra, she's at Room 211. Upon seeing her I can't myself but cry, I cried because I feel helpless, hopeless and really down. Dr. De Veyra is a really nice doctor, upon telling her the history of what happened with my skin she immediately assured me that I can still be healed. And so that was how I found out that I had a Nummular eczema (term used for coin-shaped eczema), I was also identified to be allergic to band-aids the brown one made out of cloth (since I used band-aids to cover the wounds), and most importantly I am allergic to Clindamycin, that explained the heavy breathing. My derma was alarmed when I told her about it and she said that I could have died if I continued to take the Clindamycin. That was also how I came to know Prednisone. After a few weeks I was healed. But I still continue to experience mild flare ups and so Prednisone continues but then other sickness came knocking in.

There were nights after during the medication when I wake up feeling like I cannot move my arms and legs. I also feel worried, depressed and tense all the time. I also experienced my worst case of insomnia ever. It was in April of 2010 when I last take Pred, I stopped taking it eventhough I had flare ups, I tried ignoring the mild flare ups  and swear never to take the drug again. What makes me to finalize that decision is when I found out that Pred is not really a friendly drug. Pred is identified to cure eczema and nothing else positive, all that follows are various side effects brought by the drug. I came to know that Pred destroys the body's immune system that taking it will take down your immune system for about a year after your last intake. So Pred intake can result to more sickness. And I find it to be true, just last year I had 5 incidents of boils. Where 1 incident left an ugly dark scar on my lower left leg. After that I hold myself from ever taking Pred again. But that was 8 months ago.

Back in the present, I had to take my chances on Pred again. This is my only hope for now aside from the prayers. Maybe I'll just take Vitamin C to counteract the side effects. So this is my first day of intake, I hope for positive results. That's for the first day of my Prednisone Medication. I'll update you again for the entire medication period. If your an eczema sufferer just like me hope the details above can help you on your own battle of eczema flare ups. Good luck to us!

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Join Minute Maid Pulp Up your BLOG contest

Hi Bloggers! I just got an email from Nuffnang about the latest offer from Minute Maid. Minute Maid organized an exciting contest made especially for us bloggers, the Minute Maid Pulp Up your BLOG contest. Win a whopping P20,000 as the grand prize. They didn't indicated how many can win this but they did mention "winners" so I am expecting for more than 1 blogger to win some cold cash. Isn't that tempting? Better get on your laptops and start joining now! Continue reading for the contest mechanics.

Here's the Mechanics:

1. Like Minute Maid Pulpy on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button on the Facebook Fan Page.

2. Pulp up your blog by using the “Pulpy Blog Generator”. Simply follow the instructions to generate a Pulpy blog post and to download any of the different Minute Maid blog design elements you can use for your blog, such as:

a. Minute Maid Background
b. Minute Maid banners
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    ix. Medium Rectangle – 300×250
    x. Large Rectangle – 336×280
c.Minute Maid Badge
d.Minute Maid Widget

3. Apply the Pulpy blog post and Minute Maid designs on your blog. Once done, go back to the Facebook Fan Page and post the link of your blog post on their wall to submit your entry.

4. Fill up the form found in our site to let us know you joined.

5. Help us spread the word about Minute Maid Pulpy’s “Pulp up your blog” contest by Tweeting or sharing your blog and asking your readers to comment. If you win the contest, you get to choose a winner from your comment-givers.

6. All entries containing profanity, nudity, obscene or lawless acts, will automatically be disqualified. A panel of judges will choose winners based on the following criteria:

a. Creative Writing: 60%
b. Use of Minute Maid’s imagery: 30%
    i. Background: 15%
    ii. Banners: 5%
    iii. Badge: 5%
    iv. Widget: 5%
c. Number of comments: 10%

7. All entries should be posted and submitted on the Facebook wall starting January 10, 2011 only. From January 10, 2011, your blog should remain “Pulped up” until the announcement of winners.

8. The contest judges and all employees of The Coca-Cola Export Corp., Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. and its sub-distributors, and other promo partners/third party suppliers, including their relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity, are automatically disqualified from joining this contest. Persons reporting regularly to The Coca-Cola Export Company, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Co. Inc. and its sub-distributors under a contract or service and who, by the nature of the service they render may have a direct and personal knowledge of the promotion shall also be disqualified.

9. The Coca-Cola Export Corp. reserves the right to postpone or cancel this contest in the event that the contest becomes impossible or inconvenient to continue due to fortuitous events.

Don't miss this great opportunity to take home 20,000 pesos.

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Today I got Denied

I opened my email in the morning feeling elated since yesterday my blog had generated higher visits than before. Thanks to my ate who has been good for sharing my blog in her Facebook. I think Facebook is really a good source of traffic. In your Facebook account try adding your blog site in your Info tab and watch improvements in your traffic. As I was scanning through my mails, one particular email caught my attention...

Adbrite had been a great Ads provider. I had loved working with them since they provide simple and easy way of monetizing your blog through Ads. And reading this email saddened me, I don't know why or what had happened. Had they suspected the unusual high traffic I got? Which is barely because of promoting my site through Facebook. That only shows how powerful and effective Facebook is. I would like to make an appeal but I just find it useless and too time consuming. I'd rather put my time and effort writing articles for my blog. So here it is, I just shared this one disappointing incident. Hoping to have some good news this coming days. Cross fingers!

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I heart Blogging

Many of us had already been blogging even before the term "Blog" has been officially used. Writing in your diary, a quick jot in a piece of napkin, your Happy Mother's day letter, your secret love letter to your crush and even the vandals you wrote in your Campus restrooms are all forms of blogging.

" A blog (a contraction of the term "web log")[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. " - Wiki
Blogging is an expression of my thoughts, a medium of communicating with others my philosophies, principles, feeling and personal perspectives about life. Online Blogging is a good way of documenting my daily activities like going to work, chatting with my friends, playing with my nephew, attending christian church every sunday and a whole lot more. That's the magic of blogging, simple happenings are made important and special.

It is also a good way of celebrating life's milestones like how you win the Nationals Cheerdance, earning a Masterals Degree, graduating from High School, winning a Poker game, finding out that your crush crushes you too. That what makes Blogging great, personal achievements are shared and announced to the whole world not just by you and your family or friends but even people you barely knew.

Blogging also brings inspiration. Mind you I had several attempts of creating a blog thinking that blogging means easy earning. I tried but every after a few weeks I loss my energy and motivation. But then after hearing about bryanboy and how far he had gone just by blogging I then had a new perspective that yeah maybe I just need to persevere and focus on maintaining a blog for myself's contentment rather for financial means. Then blessings will just come forth.

It's better to pour out my feelings through writing in my blog where 90% of the readers wouldn't really know who I am. I write things as they go in my head. If I happen to see this cute gadget then maybe a nice article about it would be great. Things that are usual, common and routine can be a topic for my blog. I like this blog to be like a horcrux of me a horcrux that cannot be destroyed instead lives on forever and ever.

Like today I'm a bit stressed out by work. I sometimes feel I need more rest and time for myself. I need some peace and space to meditate on things and on my life. I'm not on my best physical condition right now. I still have this skin allergy. But despite all the problems, I still find happiness and hope thru blogging. I make it a habit to always allot quality time for me to sit down, relax and type the ideas that I want to share and blog about.

If your a blogger like I'm sure you'd understand. Happy Blogging to us! Long live to us! Long live to our Blogs! Cheers!

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Are you as smart as your Smartphone?

They were hot last year and even hotter this 2011. Smartphones are bit by bit changing the world of mobile technology, taking it to even greater heights. If before, mobile phones features SMS/ MMS capabilities then time has changed. SMS/ MMS are only a small feature in a smartphone device as they take mobile from texting or calling into surfing, emailing and chatting. There's more into your smartphones, more than the touch screens and the overwhelming graphics that you see.

Just last month my kuya gave me a BlackBerry curve 8900 as a christmas gift, it was only then that I got interested or may we say appreciated that I actually own a Smartphone. Before, I tend to misjudge people who owns an iPhone or a BlackBerry thinking that they had only been swayed by the popularity of these gadgets. Since most people when they see that you have some hi-tech or on trend gadgets they will already view you as someone rich, "sosyal", trendy, etc. I would believe that more than half of people who owns a smartphone hadn't really utilized the full features of their phones. They were persuaded to buy merely because it was the hottest thing in stores.

But maybe not all people thinks that way, maybe some are really techy and loves to have the latest in technology or maybe some people had really find the features useful into their everyday living and uses the phone as their PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant).

No matter the reason maybe, I hope that people will be pushed to be as smart as their smartphones. Smartphones had been a real breakthrough, it symbolizes intelligence of people in creating something that can be use by us, mobile users in many many ways. It break the bounds of mobile into not only Mobile Phones but in to smart useful ones. Now, I am able to use it's WiFi technology to connect to my favorite sites such as facebook.comtwitter.com, Daily Blogger Lane, yahoo mail and many more. I uses it to download songs, contents from the net. My sister and I share pictures through Bluetooth. I take pictures and videos of my cousins and family. And there's a lot more to your Smartphones, so better explore and utilize it really well so you can benefit on what you paid for. Good luck!

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A view from my window

Today's the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow,  I will be back in the office working staring at my monitor. The next holiday is still far from view. Wondering what's in store for me this year at work and on my career. Maybe I'll try getting a couple of Microsoft certifications and take us much trainings as I can since it's offered free in my company. Or maybe I'll just let things flow and stare outside my window and let fate do its job.

Overlooking the metro.

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What to do when Sun Broadband signal is screwed up

Yet again, you failed me once more. I am on the height of posting and editing my blogs when Sun is not hitting the triple digit kbps that I needed and so my time was wasted for tonight. Usually the following steps work

Option 1: Flush DNS. Go to Start > Run then type cmd. In the command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns then enter.

Option 2: Clear Cache. Go to Options section of your browser. Find the Clear Browsing data (for Chrome) or Delete Browsing History (for IE) or Clear Recent History (for Firefox) or Empty Cache (for Safari) or Delete Private Data (for Opera).

Option 3: Reconnect to Broadband. Try to disconnect from the broadband then a few seconds connect again.

Option 4: Reconnect the Device. Try removing the USB then plug it again.

Option 5: Restart your PC. Sometimes the problem may be due to your PC itself.

Looks like Sun had some downtime yet again here in our area. I've tried all the steps above which usually works but not today. Maybe the best option for now is to wait.

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The curse of Anawangin

After the bus dropped us off Ayala, Mark, Panyet and I rode a taxi. In less than 30 minutes I'm already home. I fixed myself while Panyet unpacked our things from the bag.

I took a shower and then there it was. I didn't noticed it back in the island but under the light it's clearer. I have this many "pantal" (red spots) all over my legs. I didn't panicked that much. I experienced worse back when I had a flare up due to eczema and allergy.

On the second day, the "pantal" started to itch and sore. It's itchy but I tried to supress myself from scratching as this wounds might end up into another eczema flare-up.

I then found out that three others got the "pantal". Everyone made their own speculations as to why we got it since not everyone in the group experienced the "pantal". Some say it was due to insect bites, others say allergy to processed food as we are eating canned goods, noodles and instant food for almost 3 days, some say that we stepped on a "dwende" (small mystical creatures thought to have powers that can harm you if you hurt them), others blamed it to the small crabs and hermits that we hunted.

Two weeks past, the "pantal" are still there and itchier than ever. Since I had really been busy for the last weeks I hardly had time thinking about it but now that christmas vacation is almost near I started to pay attention to it and to the itching as well.

One month past, the "pantal" successfully turned into eczema. I don't want to go to the derma still. I'm afraid that I might be given again the Prednizone as my medicine. I really don't like to take any eczema/ allergy related medicines except for cetirizine since I have experienced various side effects while taking them. I'm relying on prayers for my cure.

  "Pantal" turned eczema.

Our Anawangin escapade is memorable both in good and bad ways. So if ever you and your friends decide to have some adventurous taste of Anawangin better ready yourselves. If your allergic, bring some strong insect repellant. Bring real foods that don't spoil quickly. As for the "dwende" try to always say "tabi-tabi po"  though it may sound crazy but it's better to take all necessary precautions. And for the hermits, it's better we leave the creatures to where they belong.

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Anawangin escapade Day 3

We woke up with some aching joints, the island hopping had taken much of our energies. Panyet and I decided to take pictures by the shore. Click! Click! Click!

The shores of Anawangin

I helped my classmate build a sand castle but i dont think it is a castle maybe a sand wall hehe... The others went hiking on the side of the island.

At 11am, everyone is starting to take a bath. We ate lunch then packed up. Our "bangka" is expected to arrive by 1pm so we decided to take some more pictures... Click! Click! Click!

 Behold Anawangin's Beauty. 

Our "bangka" arrived late. We all boarded the bangka as we waved goodbye to the island. So long Anawangin thanks for the memories.

Taking the same route, we arrived at Pundaquit shortly after. We then rode a bus going to Olongapo where we will take a bus bound to Manila. Since everyone else are hungry we ate first at Jollibee. Jollibee stores are really the same. Eating there makes me feel like I'm already home. We were able to board the bus at 5pm. We reached Manila around 10pm.

So long guys! See you on our 6th Trip. Yay!

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Anawangin escapade Day 2

I had a hard time sleeping. The sound of the night in that Island is quite creepy. The trees are so restless as the wind plays with them, hmmm... I also thought that a flashflood is coming into our direction ah! ok that was only the sound of the falls not far away from our place. There was a time that I woke up feeling that there was someone walking around our tent but then it was only the plant banging on our tent side. The night is cold.

The clear waters of Anawangin.

I woke up as the Batch 2 arrived at around 6am. We started our 2nd day well as usual eating and chatting. Panyet and I immediately went to the beach. The water was great, a bit cold but was really clean. This beach is a peculiar one, the sand formation below is like the Banawe Rice Terraces, it's not flat but a bit slanting. There's a part on the beach where you can go as far from the shore but the water would still be in knee-deep high. The waves there were awesome, really had fun swimming and letting myself be carried by the waves.

Some creatures we got. Most are small but we managed to get some big ones which we brought along to Manila.

At 9am, Panyet and I decided to go the leftmost part of the island. While there, Panyet had fun picking up "Omang"(hermits) and really small crabs. We took pictures and continue hunting for the creatures.

A view of my back while crossing the waters. I wonder why the waves look calm in here.

We then returned and ate lunch. At around 11am, we rode the "bangka" to go island hopping. Our destination, the old light house. Not far from Anawangin is the island where a really old light house is built. The real adventure of the trip happened when we were drop off on the part of the island where waves are freaking crazy. The truth is, it's not really the part of the island where tourists are being dropped off but since we're a bit lazy, we asked our "bangkeros" to drop us near where the light house is. One by one, we jumped off our "bangka". I was the first girl to jump since Panyet had already started heading to the island. One of our "bankgeros" helped us by trailing a rope from the boat to the island, so all we have to do is grab on the rope. The trip from the boat to the shore is really scary and a bit exciting at the same time. The waves could swallow you and drift you far away or slam your body unto the rocks if you won't be careful. Alas! all was able to come across.

A view of the light house from below the shores.

The entrance to the light house. You will see here the rusty spiral staircase.

The funny thing I noticed on the island is that there were a huge number of slippers. We even joked that it was from the people who died in the island :). We started walking. Our trail is itchy, itchy since tall grasses are everywhere. We were like walking inside a forest. As we enter the gates of the compound, we were welcomed by an armed man. At first, I thought we were in an NPA fortress but nah it was just an army deployed to guard the place. The light house is really old, the stairs is rusted and you can feel it shaking while you're taking your steps. Some of the guys, shake the stairs intentionally so the people behind them would go screaming.

A view of the island from the top of the lighthouse.

We reached the top, and the beauty of the place envelop us. The place is so peaceful, serene perfect for people who wants to meditate perfect also for people who wants to commit suicide, ravine will catch you if you fall. After a little picture taking, we decided to leave.

The waves at work.

Back on our feet again, we headed for the trail towards the shore. This time we opted to go for the original trail we have enough of the adventure we had earlier. Once we reached the shores, we again swimmed and played with the waves. All of us really had fun! It's a great adventure.

Camping is nothing without bonfires.

Back at Anawangin island, we ate dinner then went to the shores to chat under the stars. Everyone is talking about the adventure and about past stories during our college days. It has been 2 years since we graduated but the bonding we had remained the same.

* Credits to my classmates who own some of the pictures posted in here.

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