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Recalling Humanities

Here's the list of places we've gone to during our Humanities subject in college. It's fun and hope we'll be able to have a chance to experience it again.

GSIS (Government Service Insurance System)

It was after our exam in Rizal when our president Ms. Germalyn Padayhag announced that our trip to GSIS and MOA was not cancelled. I wasn’t fully-ready that’s why I needed to go back home first to get some money from my mother and also to grab the newly arrived digital camera from my ate. I was forced to go to mantrade alone since some of my classmates have already left the school. So from service road then to mantrade that was my route and I was surprise to know that I have arrived sooner than the others. I’ve waited for the others and they arrived shortly after.

Our first stop was in GSIS (Government Service Insurance System). It was my firs time to visit that place. Upon entering, my initial reaction was "Wow! ang laki pla ng GSIS" because the truth was I thought GSIS occupies only a building but their place has a semi-garden entrance and an escalator to go up to the main flooring where the entrance to the building would be found. On the walls you will see the life-size carvings of human figures with some kind of a dramatic facial expression. I was disappointed when were not allowed to visit the interior of the building but seeing the outside landscape, I think was already enough to visualize what we could have seen inside. There are also hanging plants on the edges of the main flooring.

We stayed a little longer waiting for some miracles to happen. Some content themselves by taking pictures together while some sipped hot coffee bought from a nestle vendo machine. It was nearing sunset when we decided to leave the place and pursue to MOA (Mall of Asia) for the witnessing of the famous sunset at the manila bay. We rode the service cab that brought us to MOA.

All in all our stay in GSIS was the time for us to freshen up ourselves to have that enough energy for our next destination because we all know that that day would become a very tiring day for all of us.

MOA (SM Mall of Asia)

The mall of Asia! The largest mall in Asia! It was located alongside Manila Bay in Pasay. After our visit in GSIS we then hurriedly proceeded to Baywalk MOA to witness and capture the famous sunset in the manila bay. Upon arriving at the place, I’ve seen families, couples, kids and teeners enjoying their selves by playing, sight-seeing and taking pictures of some views and the best seller place of picture- taking was the FOUNTAIN. The big fountain at the back of MOA, that fountain was actually an attention- grabber because that water that comes out from it follows a rhythm from a song which makes it really enjoyable to see.

We meet some of our friends/ classmates who arrived earlier than us. That would be our meeting place the fountain. Then the time arrived when we have to go to the “barrier” and witness the sunset up close. It was almost 6pm when the sunset process happened. Some who had their cams started to click on their camera’s button to capture that beautiful moment while some poses before the camera. That was the best part during our trip getting to bond with one another was really worthwhile. Especially at this time where we’re gonna have to say goodbye to one another. We don’t know when this is gonna happen again but for sure we all know that it would still be fun having to bond with comrades like them.

Again, it was a tiring day but thank God that we that chance to share that wonderful creation of yours with the people we love. Though it was really exhausting I think the whole journey was definitely worth remembering and keeping. We have managed to come home safely and no one got hurt and nothing bad happened to us. Thank you Lord for guiding us all throughout that day!

Holy Family Art Gallery in Greenhills

It was after our class in Rizal (as usual) when we met to go to Greenhills. One of the things that I remembered was when we rode a bus that was like a roller coaster ride. It was really fun. There was a kid who was sitting beside me and he was really fascinated with the places and kept on pointing on any places he saw. The bus was banging the passengers inside and the passengers where really rolling to one another. It was both a fun and kinda painful ride but that was all part of the journey.

We rode off at the Ortigas station and rode another jeepney to San Juan. We passed by the La Salle University where the source of the traffic was because of the various cars servicing the rich kids. After that heavy traffic, we arrived at our destination the Greenhills Shopping mall but we are yet to see the art gallery inside.

We entered the art gallery and was amazed that it was too small than what I have visualize it to be yet it was really satisfying to see such beautiful hand creations of our fellow Filipinos. They have the twelve mysteries carefully created and was life- likely portrayed. It was not allowed to take pictures inside so we satisfied ourselves by taking pictures outside the gallery though it was also not allowed. Afterwards, we took pictures in the mini garden outside and then went to the church to accompany another friend who was crying hard and was very problematic.

That trip was really fun seeing such creations were indeed worthwhile. We also had the chance to see for ourselves Greenhills Shopping mall. We again have a bonding moment doing some sensible things and also given chance to see for ourselves the frequently visited art gallery.

National Museum

We set off early this day it was Wednesday and were the second batch to go to national museum because were not allowed to go on Sundays by our parents. Our meeting place was metropoint. At past 10 we rode the MRT to UN avenue station. Inside the MRT we chit chat and laugh together about funny school stories and other stuff. It was no less than 15 minutes when we arrived at UN. I parted from them because I still have to follow my sister who was inquiring at TUP. Afterwards I and my sister together with her friend went collectively to the museum. My sister and her friend were also super excited since it would also be their first time to visit the place.

We went to the gate that we saw but it wasn’t the gate that were supposed to enter so we have to walk again and almost completed the circle when we reach the right gate. The guard has been hospitable and assisted us. We arrived at the lobby where we needed to sign up and pay P30 with student discount. They excitedly went from one room to another checking the painting and some artistic works. I saw my other classmates but I needed to accompany my sister so my classmates just text me of where they would be.

After scrolling around and around the first floor I told my sister that we needed to go to the third floor because it is where the painting of Carlos “Botong” Francisco could be found. So we told our tour guide that we wanted to go so our tour guide led us to the elevator, we waved goodbye to the kind tour guide as the elevator door closes. A few moments, were already in third floor. We were being welcomed by my classmates and showed us where the painting could be found. It was in the center hall, my sister and I checked the room and I was really amazed to see the works of famous painter like Juan Luna, Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo and of course the works of Botong. I can’t remember much the names of the painters but there were so many and their works were all amazingly great. It was a nice trip because at least I can proudly say that I’m indeed a Filipino since I already visited our national museum, the museum of the Philippines.

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