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Photography: The Science of Individual Expression Part 1

It was a wonderful experience to hear some good advice on how to take pictures perfectly since we are IT students our concern is not only on the gadget itself but can also be, on how we can be able to lessen the editing needed to do or to capture the exact scenario without much effects to be added.

Yes, enhancing tools are very useful but a good picture is also important. According to the speaker,

Photography is one of the greatest mediums for individual expressions; it captures life in that single shot. 
The speaker also imparted with us the parts of a camera and how it works. Lens, shutter, film and aperture are some of the basic parts of an automatic camera. At first the picture will be taken, the lens projects the taken image on film, It serves to exclude other light and hold things in place, then the shutter is affixed to the lens. A kind of regulator regulates the amount of light admitted. In order to aim correctly there is a second, minute camera built in, called a view finder. The image is then projected as an inverted image on the film.

 He also enumerated the difference of an automatic camera from a digital camera. He said that a digital camera has more advantages since it has built in options to further enhance the taking of a picture but he emphasize that unlike automatic, digital camera does not capture life still image as it is.

On my opinion anyone can choose what kind of camera they more likely and convenient to use. I, as an IT student prefer a digital camera since copying, transferring and printing pictures would be easy and besides I’m not up to some professional photography career though I would someday want to own an automatic professional camera but I think that would be later on with my life. I would keep on mind the advices he gave, on how to take good picture. Like, hold still the camera, don’t take picture of the subject when it is against the lights, have just enough lighting, for the picture not to be over or under exposed. These things I would remember.

The seminar was just ok not totally fabulous we haven’t got the chance to hold nor assemble a professional camera he might be afraid that we might broke it and I understand him knowing how expensive such high- end cameras are. Still I’m super thankful to the speaker for sharing his wide experience in photography with us, novice photographers, and I hope he would have another time to share in depth ideas about photography.

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This inspires me to become one, nice post!

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