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Her Philosophy

I've been an older sister to her for almost 21 years, We typically grow up together and spend almost all the time but now she's nearing to leave the country to work abroad I'm beginning to feel sad and recall how time passes by so fast.

I recall the time when we use to play portrayal games and we will act like we are grown ups and are applying for a job. My older brother will be the boss and me and my sister would be the applicants, boy how i remember how we laughed hard that day when she picked to have janitorial job rather be a secretary, we were young back then but i was amused on how she defended her choice. She said that a janitor earns bigger since it got to do a lot of work compared to being a boss or secretary. It was when I realize that my sister is still young but her way of thinking is way mature than her age.

My sister might not be that scholarly-type of person but her way of thinking is far matured and better than other people and even far better than myself. I might say that in terms of achievements I have always been on top of my family's list but if I have to rank it myself, my sister maturity passes way ahead of mine. I salute you my little sister and good luck on the new adventure you are about to take :) i love you!


Written by my little sister

Live your life to the fullest I always heard this quotation but did you ever experience living your life the way you want to, not all of us has an opportunity to do so because some were being hinder by beliefs, culture, poverty, and even social status but the thing is we all lead in some form or fashion we just need to have courage and willingness to discover it, It is how we chose to live that determines our paths.

As is my philosophy of life, so is my philosophy of leadership. It is grounded in faith and trust of the human spirit. I believe in the power to achieve, and that all of us have the ability to achieve – to lead, all of us can explore and touch someone’s lives, we all carrying a big stone behind our back it’s just a matter of how you will going to carry that stone.
We can be leaders we can lead our own by fulfilling everyday tasks, helping others to achieve, creating positive change within our group, or recognizing and supporting those that create the change. We cannot afford to be passive observers as events unfold before us. We accept our leadership potential when we realize that we and no one else is responsible for what we want out of life.
Do not let anyone run your lives, we only got one chance to live so live, learn and love, we all got talents, so share it!, we all got wisdom, so improve it! Potential powers of creativity are within us, and we have the duty to work hard to discover these powers.
Our experiences and mentors guide us, but we choose our paths and the learning that results from our choices.

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