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The blog-o-manic syndrome

It's almost 3 pm and can't wait for the day to end. I'm excited to go back to my laptop and start clicking on the keypad :) I never thought I would be this anxious and be this excited in updating my blog site. I spent my whole 1.5 hours of lunch break, updating my blog and inviting people to see my blog. While doing my routine task, i happen to have a quick chat with my bestfriend from college anyway, please have time to check her own blog site http://firsttimefirstlove.blogspot.com/.

We kinda talked about what name should she pick for her first blog :) and we were like two young kids picking for our fave toy. Blogging is fun, easy and can relieve you from your everyday stress plus it can generate money for you as well. Just a simple hobby but so much benefits.

Blogging is for everyone, as long as you'll be able to express yourself and show your individuality among others.

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Hey Stephen

It's monday, and the usual boring, hassle and hasty monday. I'm thinking how I will spend my hours today at the office. We got lesser work day by day since we are having a major change on our website and the old one is soon to be phased out.

Gotta think, hmmm.... Ok before I start, I must first log on to my favorite listening site Grooveshark. I then typed Taylor Swift on the search box. I lately had a habit of listening with her hits, how i love to listen to her songs, my latest fav is Hey Stephen. The song is very catchy and the lyrics is not that bad. Check out the lyrics below and the fan made music video Taylor Swift -Hey Stephen Music Video.

Hey Stephen 
by Taylor Swift

Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceivin
But I know I saw a light in you
And as we walked we were talking

I didn't say half the things I wanted to

Of all the girls tossing rocks at your window
I'll be the one waiting there even when it's cold
Hey Stephen, boy, you might have me believing
I don't always have to be alone

'Cause I can't help it if you look like an angel
Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you
Can't help it if there's no one else
Mmm, I can't help myself

Hey Stephen, I've been holding back this feeling
So I got some things to say to you
I've seen it all, so I thought
But I never seen nobody shine the way you do

The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name
It's beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change
Hey Stephen, why are people always leaving?
I think you and I should stay the same

'Cause I can't help it if you look like an angel
Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you
Can't help it if there's no one else
Mmm, I can't help myself

They're dimming the street lights, you're perfect for me
Why aren't you here tonight?

I'm waiting alone now, so come on and come out
And pull me near and shine, shine, shine

Hey Stephen, I could give you fifty reasons
Why I should be the one you choose
All those other girls, well, they're beautiful
But would they write a song for you?

I can't help it if you look like an angel
Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you
Can't help it if there's no one else
Mmm, I can't help myself

If you look like an angel
Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you

Can't help it if there's no one else
Mmm, I can't help myself

Can't help myself
I can't help myself 

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Kim is better off without Reggie

Now that the second Kardashian is single, Im beginning to have some sigh of relief. I dont think Reggie Bush is deserving enough for Ms. K. He maybe rich and popular but man, look at him! If he's not a popular player he is just one ordinary Reggie. I liked what Kim tweeted today,

"Don't wish to be anything but what u are, and try to be that perfectly."
I think women all around the world should be able to accept who they are, not by the man they are with. We should be determined by who we are as ourselves and not by other people thinking that they are making us what we are. I liked Kim and I believed she made the right decision to dump Reggie :) Go Kim! Salute to all the girls!

Here's a good poem dedicated to us, girls! :)

Woman and Pride
by yihuai ying

Woman roar
Woman show
Woman dance
Woman fight
Woman win
Woman cry
Now this woman's pride
lies in her tears
Woman's pride...............

Woman's life
Woman's private
Woman's movie
Woman's dream
Woman's cohabit with her renter
Woman's living away from the outside world
Woman's pride......................

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Tech Review: iPad vs. iPod Touch

There's so many pads flying around right now, the latest and hottest thing out in the market is the iPad which you must be able to pronounced flatly as they are almost homophonic. I recall Anne Curtis prouncing it with a long flat "a" versus the quick "o" of iPod.

Here's some comparison report from Dan Sung from of http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/31077/apple-ipad-vs-ipod-touch. I included my verdict on each factors.


The first thing to say here is that you can read newspapers, magazines, websites, ebooks and all sorts of literature on both the touch and the iPad. The key here is, how much of that do you intend to do? The advantage, of course with the iPad is that it's got the iBook store but there's no reason to believe so far that these files aren't transferable to the smaller devices or indeed that you definitely can't access this app from the touch. After all, it is an app you find in the App Store.
Other than that it's the bigger screen size that's the major plus point. The larger display is great for getting more copy on. That said, it's not e-paper or e-ink and still uses a backlit display that'll hurt your eyes a lot more than modern eReaders. If you're really planning to use this kind of device for books, then it's only better than a laptop by virtue of not having a keyboard attached to it. Want novels and newspapers and it's probably a Kindle you're after.
What's more, there was no mention of the battery life when being used as a reader. That blaring display - even if it's LED technology - is no match for the thousands of page turns you get out of one charge of a reader.
My Verdict:
 In terms of visual aspects, iPad definitely has the advantage. It's screen is thrice as wide compared to iPod Touch. It would be a lot easier to read eBooks or articles with a larger screen isn't it?

Music Playing
If music is what you're after, then there's just no point going with the tablet - nice as it is. iTunes and Apple pods are such that ultimately they all offer the same basic functionality. They all have the dock port and, as such, you can strap them to just about any larger audio playing device you like if you want your music played through a better speaker set.
Perhaps the one advantage of the tablet is that it's got a better on-board output than the touch. There's reference to built-in speakers plural rather than just the one although confirmation is required. If so, that would be important if you want to continue listening to music on the device in a room, which doesn't have an audio set up and you also don't want to be tied to your player by heaphones cable. That might sound rather specific but think of doing the washing up or ironing or other such scenes of domestic bliss while streaming Spotify onto your device.
Also, and this is one of emotion rather than anything else, the iTunes LP feature, as released in the latest incarnation of the Apple music software, would actually work really well on the iPad. Reading all those lyrics and looking at the album art with a large flat piece of hardware in your hands is rather reminiscent of old vinyl albums. Could the iPad be the LP for the 21st century?
On the other hand, that's got to be out-weighed by the fact that you can then stick the iPod touch into your pocket and go out to work. With the tablet, you'd need a pretty capacious suit lining.
My Verdict:
Well,  iPod Touch is definitely the winner on this category. iPod Touch is smaller and can be easily placed inside the pockets while walking or working.

Video Playback
Obviously, both these machines can play video. Now, your initial reaction to the specs on the tablet might be that it's much better for watching video, well, actually, you'd be right but not quite as right as the knee jerk reaction might lead us to believe. Yes the tablet's screen has the advantage of being LED backlit, better resolution - 320 x 480 vs 1024 x 768 - and bigger as well, but let's just debunk some of this a little for a moment.
Bigger is only relative to how far away from your eyes you hold it. The tablet is a lot heavier than the touch and maybe not as comfortable for the length of an entire feature film. Of course, there's bound to be all sorts of stands and accessories to help out but you could always stick with the touch at around chest height instead. Perhaps not entirely practical but certainly a solution for those who're not that interested in watching video on their portable device. After all, if you're at home, you could always just switch on the TV instead and, if out an about, you might rather stick with the lighter option.
On the LED side of things you can't really mess with that. It'll have better localised dimming for a cleaner picture and it'll also be far kinder on the battery than a standard LCD. You get 10 hours use out of it, we're told. However, the better resolution doesn't necessarily make it a better display. The fact that the iPad has XGA resolution just means it's got more pixels, but then, it's a bigger screen, so it needs to have more pixels not to look rubbish. The 3.5-inch LCD on the iPod touch may only be 320 x 480 but it has a higher pixel density - 163ppi vs 132ppi - and that's what gives it the added richness.
My Verdict:
I will go with iPad here, just like on the first point, the large screens provide users greater viewing experience.

The launch of the App Store has put a huge focus on gaming but, as good as the touch has been for the purpose with its graphics hardware and accelerometer control, there has always been something missing in terms of using your thumbs. There was initial speculation that the iPad would offer some kind of dual thumb control but it seems that never happened. As such, the only real advantage it seems to offer over the touch is, again, the bigger screen and processor power.
Let's ignore the fact that the majority of the current games will only play in a tiny 1:1 resolution box or in poor resolution "pixel double" mode. A good body of specially tailored games will arrive soon. The real issue is that the iPad is still unlikely to replace the likes of the PSP and the Nintendo DSi XL on the move and will certainly pale into insignificance compared to gaming choices in the home. Still at least you'll be able to see the cards clearly in a game of patience.
My Verdict:
Both had their advantages, iPad offers wider screen resolution while iPod touch is so handy that you can play anytime anywhere.

Well, here's one area where these two things are entirely identical. Both are screaming out for cameras - one for photos and video and the other for web chat and conferencing - and neither has one. iPad 2G maybe? In the meantime iPad users will be able to import images via an Apple SD card reader or USB dongle for their camera. It will mean that this will be perfect for those that want to ditch the computer for their imaging needs altogether.
My Verdict:
Both offers a camera but iPad had more import options compared to iPod Touch.

For pure portability, the smaller of these two is the most portable. Yes, it's an obvious one but easily overlooked when blinded by gadget lust. If you're really after something for all occasions, then go for the iPod touch. The iPad is good for the home and great for plane journeys or anywhere you're happy to take a large bag but it's not something to stick in your pocket. Just make sure you ask yourself what you're buying this product for.
My Verdict:
No need to debate between the two, iPod Touch is way portable than iPad.

It's hard to see that Apple has created a new kind of device here rather than just an iPod touch XL. It's certainly an alternative form factor but it's highly debatable as to whether there really is a viable space between the laptop and the pocket portable media player/smartphone for the majority of users.
Working on the iPad doesn't look as easy or flexible as doing so on a MacBook and the leisure uses don't really seem that far in excess of the iPod touch or iPhone either. In the home, it'll have to fight against the laptop, desktop or TV and on the move it's either a laptop or pocket portable solution once again.
If you had an iPhone/iPod touch, an iPad and a MacBook sitting on the table and you were about to leave the house, when would you choose to take the tablet? A long plane journey or a business meeting perhaps? Hard to tell. When it comes down to it, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating and we'll just have to wait for it to make it into the home to see how it performs and what its use will be to know if there's really been an iPad-shaped hole in our lives all along.

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Recalling Humanities

Here's the list of places we've gone to during our Humanities subject in college. It's fun and hope we'll be able to have a chance to experience it again.

GSIS (Government Service Insurance System)

It was after our exam in Rizal when our president Ms. Germalyn Padayhag announced that our trip to GSIS and MOA was not cancelled. I wasn’t fully-ready that’s why I needed to go back home first to get some money from my mother and also to grab the newly arrived digital camera from my ate. I was forced to go to mantrade alone since some of my classmates have already left the school. So from service road then to mantrade that was my route and I was surprise to know that I have arrived sooner than the others. I’ve waited for the others and they arrived shortly after.

Our first stop was in GSIS (Government Service Insurance System). It was my firs time to visit that place. Upon entering, my initial reaction was "Wow! ang laki pla ng GSIS" because the truth was I thought GSIS occupies only a building but their place has a semi-garden entrance and an escalator to go up to the main flooring where the entrance to the building would be found. On the walls you will see the life-size carvings of human figures with some kind of a dramatic facial expression. I was disappointed when were not allowed to visit the interior of the building but seeing the outside landscape, I think was already enough to visualize what we could have seen inside. There are also hanging plants on the edges of the main flooring.

We stayed a little longer waiting for some miracles to happen. Some content themselves by taking pictures together while some sipped hot coffee bought from a nestle vendo machine. It was nearing sunset when we decided to leave the place and pursue to MOA (Mall of Asia) for the witnessing of the famous sunset at the manila bay. We rode the service cab that brought us to MOA.

All in all our stay in GSIS was the time for us to freshen up ourselves to have that enough energy for our next destination because we all know that that day would become a very tiring day for all of us.

MOA (SM Mall of Asia)

The mall of Asia! The largest mall in Asia! It was located alongside Manila Bay in Pasay. After our visit in GSIS we then hurriedly proceeded to Baywalk MOA to witness and capture the famous sunset in the manila bay. Upon arriving at the place, I’ve seen families, couples, kids and teeners enjoying their selves by playing, sight-seeing and taking pictures of some views and the best seller place of picture- taking was the FOUNTAIN. The big fountain at the back of MOA, that fountain was actually an attention- grabber because that water that comes out from it follows a rhythm from a song which makes it really enjoyable to see.

We meet some of our friends/ classmates who arrived earlier than us. That would be our meeting place the fountain. Then the time arrived when we have to go to the “barrier” and witness the sunset up close. It was almost 6pm when the sunset process happened. Some who had their cams started to click on their camera’s button to capture that beautiful moment while some poses before the camera. That was the best part during our trip getting to bond with one another was really worthwhile. Especially at this time where we’re gonna have to say goodbye to one another. We don’t know when this is gonna happen again but for sure we all know that it would still be fun having to bond with comrades like them.

Again, it was a tiring day but thank God that we that chance to share that wonderful creation of yours with the people we love. Though it was really exhausting I think the whole journey was definitely worth remembering and keeping. We have managed to come home safely and no one got hurt and nothing bad happened to us. Thank you Lord for guiding us all throughout that day!

Holy Family Art Gallery in Greenhills

It was after our class in Rizal (as usual) when we met to go to Greenhills. One of the things that I remembered was when we rode a bus that was like a roller coaster ride. It was really fun. There was a kid who was sitting beside me and he was really fascinated with the places and kept on pointing on any places he saw. The bus was banging the passengers inside and the passengers where really rolling to one another. It was both a fun and kinda painful ride but that was all part of the journey.

We rode off at the Ortigas station and rode another jeepney to San Juan. We passed by the La Salle University where the source of the traffic was because of the various cars servicing the rich kids. After that heavy traffic, we arrived at our destination the Greenhills Shopping mall but we are yet to see the art gallery inside.

We entered the art gallery and was amazed that it was too small than what I have visualize it to be yet it was really satisfying to see such beautiful hand creations of our fellow Filipinos. They have the twelve mysteries carefully created and was life- likely portrayed. It was not allowed to take pictures inside so we satisfied ourselves by taking pictures outside the gallery though it was also not allowed. Afterwards, we took pictures in the mini garden outside and then went to the church to accompany another friend who was crying hard and was very problematic.

That trip was really fun seeing such creations were indeed worthwhile. We also had the chance to see for ourselves Greenhills Shopping mall. We again have a bonding moment doing some sensible things and also given chance to see for ourselves the frequently visited art gallery.

National Museum

We set off early this day it was Wednesday and were the second batch to go to national museum because were not allowed to go on Sundays by our parents. Our meeting place was metropoint. At past 10 we rode the MRT to UN avenue station. Inside the MRT we chit chat and laugh together about funny school stories and other stuff. It was no less than 15 minutes when we arrived at UN. I parted from them because I still have to follow my sister who was inquiring at TUP. Afterwards I and my sister together with her friend went collectively to the museum. My sister and her friend were also super excited since it would also be their first time to visit the place.

We went to the gate that we saw but it wasn’t the gate that were supposed to enter so we have to walk again and almost completed the circle when we reach the right gate. The guard has been hospitable and assisted us. We arrived at the lobby where we needed to sign up and pay P30 with student discount. They excitedly went from one room to another checking the painting and some artistic works. I saw my other classmates but I needed to accompany my sister so my classmates just text me of where they would be.

After scrolling around and around the first floor I told my sister that we needed to go to the third floor because it is where the painting of Carlos “Botong” Francisco could be found. So we told our tour guide that we wanted to go so our tour guide led us to the elevator, we waved goodbye to the kind tour guide as the elevator door closes. A few moments, were already in third floor. We were being welcomed by my classmates and showed us where the painting could be found. It was in the center hall, my sister and I checked the room and I was really amazed to see the works of famous painter like Juan Luna, Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo and of course the works of Botong. I can’t remember much the names of the painters but there were so many and their works were all amazingly great. It was a nice trip because at least I can proudly say that I’m indeed a Filipino since I already visited our national museum, the museum of the Philippines.

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The Lover

I just happened to saw this article written by one of my teammates during our Rizal subject in College :) The article is really interesting as it covers the many lovers of Dr. Jose Rizal.

There were at least nine women linked with Rizal; namely Segunda Katigbak, Leonor Valenzuela, Leonor Rivera, Consuelo Ortiga, O-Sei San, Gertrude Beckette, Nelly Boustead, Suzanne Jacoby and Josephine Bracken. These women might have been beguiled by his intelligence, charm and wit.

Segunda Katigbak and Leonor Valenzuela
Segunda Katigbak was her puppy love. Unfortunately, his first love was engaged to be married to a town mate- Manuel Luz. After his admiration for a short girl in the person of Segunda, then came Leonor Valenzuela, a tall girl from Pagsanjan. Rizal send her love notes written in invisible ink, that could only be deciphered over the warmth of the lamp or candle. He visited her on the eve of his departure to Spain and bade her a last goodbye.

Leonor Rivera
Leonor Rivera, his sweetheart for 11 years played the greatest influence in keeping him from falling in love with other women during his travel. Unfortunately, Leonor’s mother disapproved of her daughter’s relationship with Rizal, who was then a known filibustero. She hid from Leonor all letters sent to her sweetheart. Leonor believing that Rizal had already forgotten her, sadly consented her to marry the Englishman Henry Kipping, her mother’s choice.

Consuelo Ortiga
Consuelo Ortiga y Rey, the prettier of Don Pablo Ortiga’s daughters, fell in love with him. He dedicated to her A la Senorita C.O. y R., which became one of his best poems. The Ortiga's residence in Madrid was frequented by Rizal and his compatriots. He probably fell in love with her and Consuelo apparently asked him for romantic verses. He suddenly backed out before the relationship turned into a serious romance, because he wanted to remain loyal to Leonor Rivera and he did not want to destroy hid friendship with Eduardo de Lete who was madly in love with Consuelo.

O Sei San
O Sei San, a Japanese samurai’s daughter taught Rizal the Japanese art of painting known as su-mie. She also helped Rizal improve his knowledge of Japanese language. If Rizal was a man without a patriotic mission, he would have married this lovely and intelligent woman and lived a stable and happy life with her in Japan because Spanish legation there offered him a lucrative job.

Gertrude Beckett
While Rizal was in London annotating the Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, he boarded in the house of the Beckett family, within walking distance of the British Museum. Gertrude, a blue-eyed and buxom girl was the oldest of the three Beckett daughters. She fell in love with Rizal. Tottie helped him in his painting and sculpture. But Rizal suddenly left London for Paris to avoid Gertrude, who was seriously in love with him. Before leaving London, he was able to finish the group carving of the Beckett sisters. He gave the group carving to Gertrude as a sign of their brief relationship.

Nellie Boustead
Rizal having lost Leonor Rivera, entertained the thought of courting other ladies. While a guest of the Boustead family at their residence in the resort city of Biarritz, he had befriended the two pretty daughters of his host, Eduardo Boustead. Rizal used to fence with the sisters at the studio of Juan Luna. Antonio Luna, Juan’s brother and also a frequent visitor of the Bousteads, courted Nellie but she was deeply infatuated with Rizal. In a party held by Filipinos in Madrid, a drunken Antonio Luna uttered unsavory remarks against Nellie Boustead. This prompted Rizal to challenge Luna into a duel. Fortunately, Luna apologized to Rizal, thus averting tragedy for the compatriots.

Their love affair unfortunately did not end in marriage. It failed because Rizal refused to be converted to the Protestant faith, as Nellie demanded and Nellie’s mother did not like a physician without enough paying clientele to be a son-in-law. The lovers, however, parted as good friends when Rizal left Europe.
Suzanne Jacoby

In 1890, Rizal moved to Brussels because of the high cost of living in Paris. In Brussels, he lived in the boarding house of the two Jacoby sisters. In time, they fell deeply in love with each other. Suzanne cried when Rizal left Brussels and wrote him when he was in Madrid.

Josephine Bracken
In the last days of February 1895, while still in Dapitan, Rizal met an 18-year old petite Irish girl, with bold blue eyes, brown hair and a happy disposition. She was Josephine Bracken, the adopted daughter of George Taufer from Hong Kong, who came to Dapitan to seek Rizal for eye treatment. Rizal was physically attracted to her. His loneliness and boredom must have taken the measure of him and what could be a better diversion that to fall in love again. But the Rizal sisters suspected Josephine as an agent of the friars and they considered her as a threat to Rizal’s security.

Rizal asked Josephine to marry him, but she was not yet ready to make a decision due to her responsibility to the blind Taufer. Since Taufer’s blindness was untreatable, he left for Hon Kong on March 1895. Josephine stayed with Rizal’s family in Manila. Upon her return to Dapitan, Rizal tried to arrange with Father Antonio Obach for their marriage. However, the priest wanted a retraction as a precondition before marrying them. Rizal upon the advice of his family and friends and with Josephine’s consent took her as his wife even without the Church blessings. Josephine later give birth prematurely to a stillborn baby, a result of some incidence, which might have shocked or frightened her.

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Photography: The Science of Individual Expression Part 2

Taking pictures is one of the many things everyone loves especially if you have the camera whether it’s a digital, automatic or a high-end professional camera. But more often we took and took pictures but when we look at them most of our shots weren’t good so we need to shot again.

The importance of the seminar and the things that I have learned from that is how to take a picture just once, but capturing the total scenario. A professional photographer knows the value of a film and they don’t want to waste it on bad shots. Every shot counts a lot.

The speaker also shared the different parts of a camera. He listed the basic parts for a simple camera. One is the lens, use to set focus on the subject to be taken; it works like an eye of the camera and concentrates on this film an image of the scene which you wish to photograph. There is also the shutter it opens and closes when required to expose the light passing through the lens. Cameras have view finder will make you see what the camera lens is aimed at. Photography captures the total scenario as it is.

I think one of the greatest inventions of all time is the camera. Imagine capturing a moment with just a click though nothing is impossible at this generation maybe next time cameras would be very small and had their own powerful editing tool embedded inside. So you can edit your pictures anytime anywhere. I think, just knowing the basic do’s and don’ts of taking a good picture is enough to produce a perfect picture. Like the right amount light should always be considered to assure of getting the exact image without unwanted variations.

The seminar had been a big help in knowing hot to take good pictures and how to lessen problems encountered during shots. The speaker had shared both the theories and his experience in Photography does making his lecture worthwhile. He even encourages us to practice and practice and anyone can start their career in photography by using their own cameras but if the decided to go professional he should at least invest for a high- end professional camera.

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Photography: The Science of Individual Expression Part 1

It was a wonderful experience to hear some good advice on how to take pictures perfectly since we are IT students our concern is not only on the gadget itself but can also be, on how we can be able to lessen the editing needed to do or to capture the exact scenario without much effects to be added.

Yes, enhancing tools are very useful but a good picture is also important. According to the speaker,

Photography is one of the greatest mediums for individual expressions; it captures life in that single shot. 
The speaker also imparted with us the parts of a camera and how it works. Lens, shutter, film and aperture are some of the basic parts of an automatic camera. At first the picture will be taken, the lens projects the taken image on film, It serves to exclude other light and hold things in place, then the shutter is affixed to the lens. A kind of regulator regulates the amount of light admitted. In order to aim correctly there is a second, minute camera built in, called a view finder. The image is then projected as an inverted image on the film.

 He also enumerated the difference of an automatic camera from a digital camera. He said that a digital camera has more advantages since it has built in options to further enhance the taking of a picture but he emphasize that unlike automatic, digital camera does not capture life still image as it is.

On my opinion anyone can choose what kind of camera they more likely and convenient to use. I, as an IT student prefer a digital camera since copying, transferring and printing pictures would be easy and besides I’m not up to some professional photography career though I would someday want to own an automatic professional camera but I think that would be later on with my life. I would keep on mind the advices he gave, on how to take good picture. Like, hold still the camera, don’t take picture of the subject when it is against the lights, have just enough lighting, for the picture not to be over or under exposed. These things I would remember.

The seminar was just ok not totally fabulous we haven’t got the chance to hold nor assemble a professional camera he might be afraid that we might broke it and I understand him knowing how expensive such high- end cameras are. Still I’m super thankful to the speaker for sharing his wide experience in photography with us, novice photographers, and I hope he would have another time to share in depth ideas about photography.

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Her Philosophy

I've been an older sister to her for almost 21 years, We typically grow up together and spend almost all the time but now she's nearing to leave the country to work abroad I'm beginning to feel sad and recall how time passes by so fast.

I recall the time when we use to play portrayal games and we will act like we are grown ups and are applying for a job. My older brother will be the boss and me and my sister would be the applicants, boy how i remember how we laughed hard that day when she picked to have janitorial job rather be a secretary, we were young back then but i was amused on how she defended her choice. She said that a janitor earns bigger since it got to do a lot of work compared to being a boss or secretary. It was when I realize that my sister is still young but her way of thinking is way mature than her age.

My sister might not be that scholarly-type of person but her way of thinking is far matured and better than other people and even far better than myself. I might say that in terms of achievements I have always been on top of my family's list but if I have to rank it myself, my sister maturity passes way ahead of mine. I salute you my little sister and good luck on the new adventure you are about to take :) i love you!


Written by my little sister

Live your life to the fullest I always heard this quotation but did you ever experience living your life the way you want to, not all of us has an opportunity to do so because some were being hinder by beliefs, culture, poverty, and even social status but the thing is we all lead in some form or fashion we just need to have courage and willingness to discover it, It is how we chose to live that determines our paths.

As is my philosophy of life, so is my philosophy of leadership. It is grounded in faith and trust of the human spirit. I believe in the power to achieve, and that all of us have the ability to achieve – to lead, all of us can explore and touch someone’s lives, we all carrying a big stone behind our back it’s just a matter of how you will going to carry that stone.
We can be leaders we can lead our own by fulfilling everyday tasks, helping others to achieve, creating positive change within our group, or recognizing and supporting those that create the change. We cannot afford to be passive observers as events unfold before us. We accept our leadership potential when we realize that we and no one else is responsible for what we want out of life.
Do not let anyone run your lives, we only got one chance to live so live, learn and love, we all got talents, so share it!, we all got wisdom, so improve it! Potential powers of creativity are within us, and we have the duty to work hard to discover these powers.
Our experiences and mentors guide us, but we choose our paths and the learning that results from our choices.

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Enter the World of Blogging

Now I'm ready! Just got started on my blogging career :) I'm soo happy, and getting busy exploring, writing and thinking loads of topics to discuss. First off, i want to give other newbies there a chance to learn how they can start up with their blogging activity. You know at first, you'll get confused on how a simple blogging is seriously considered by many as a source of income but as you get into it deeper you'll realize that it's actually a very big opportunity that many of us was not able to soak our hands into. Now as for my first topic, I'll give off the step by step instructions on how to start your own blogging empire :) or maybe I'll just try to make mine an empire first...Here I go.

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